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ACS150, 0.5hp to 5hp Technical Guide

ABB ACS 150 Component Drives

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ABB ACS 150 Component Drives





What is an ACS150 component drive?
The ABB component drives meet the requirements of OEMs, system integrators and panel builders. It is a component that is bought together with other components. The drive is stocked, and the number of options and variants are optimized for distribution.
Where can it be used?
ABB component drives are designed to meet the requirements of an extensive range of machinery applications. The drive is ideal for food and beverage, material handling, textile, printing, rubber and plastics and woodworking applications.
  • FlashDrop- easy to set and select parameters
  • Integral operator interface – clear display with buttons
  • Integral potentiometer for frequency setting
  • Integrated EMC filter for 2nd environment
  • Built-in brake chopper as standard
  • Coated boards as standard
  • Unified height and depth
Features Benefits Notes
FlashDrop Easy and time-saving.
Cost-saving for machine builders.
Fast and trouble free parameter set up without power.
Fixed interface Integrated non-removable control panel.
Clear LCD display with backlight and buttons.
Simple to use
Fixed potentiometer Integrated potentiometer.
Settings shown on the control panel
Easy speed setting.
Built-in EMC filter No extra space, parts, time and cost required 2nd environment built in filter complying with IEC61800-3 as standard
Built-in brake chopper Reduced cost.
Gives freedom to choose the resistor supplier.
100% braking capability.
Flexible installation All units fit in the same sized cabinet Unified height and depth for all frame sizes for optimal use of cabinet space.
Sideways, side by side and DIN-rail mounting configuration
Coated boards Longer lifetime in hostile environments.
Reduced service.
Protection against moisture and hostile particles as standard

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