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Solcon RVS-AX Analogue Soft StarterRVS-AX Analogue Soft Starter with a built-in bypass

Analogue Soft Starter with overload & built-in bypass. Range: 8-170A, 490KW, 220-600V. Designed for small to medium motors that work under tough conditions, plus this soft starter has an aluminum case for lightweight but rugged protection.

RVS-AX Analogue Soft Starter with a built-in bypass

Solcon RVS-AX Analogue Soft Starter front viewAnalogue Soft Starter 8-170A, 220-600V with a built-in bypass

For small to medium size motors, in demanding applications, the RVS-AX provides an optimal solution. Ease of installation and operation and incorporating Current Limit and Motor Protection, makes the RVS-AX an ideal cost effective replacement for Star-Delta and Auto-Transformer starters.

RVS-AX Analogue Soft Starter Advantages at a glance

  • Reduced inrush current & mechanical shock
  • Soft, smooth, stepless acceleration and deceleration
  • Incorporating motor protection
  • Maintenance free, all solid state, incorporating a bypass (31-170A)
  • Compact, small footprint, book type, light weight – all aluminum case
  • Easily installed and operated
  • Conservative power selection, heatsink and bypass system designed for starting at 350% In for 20 sec. at 40°C ambient temperature, thus ensureing reliable long term operation
  • Superior construction – IP20 up to 58A. Enclosed front panel for increased safety at higher ratings

Solcon RVS-AX Analogue Soft Starter side viewRVS-AX Analogue Soft Starter Start Stop Parameters

Potentiometer settings for:

  • Motor Full Load Current (FLC)
  • Initial Voltage
  • Current Limit
  • Ramp-Up
  • Ramp-Down

Motor & Starter Protection

  • Electronic Overload – Inverse time Electronic Overload. Operational at end of acceleration process
  • Phase Loss – Operational when starter is energized and protects the motor from single phasing. Trips the starter when one or two phases are missing for more than 1 sec.
  • Heatsink Over Temperature Protection – A thermal sensor mounted on the heatsink trips the starter when the temperature rises.
  • Fault logic, Trip and Reset circuits. When a protection operates, the starter locks in fault mode, disabling thyristor firing, the LED indicates the fault, and the Trip contact closes

RVS-AX Analogue Soft Starter Displays (LEDs)

  • On – mains voltage connected
  • Ramp Up / Down
  • Run
  • Overload
  • Phase Loss
  • Over Temperature

Auxiliary Relays

  • End of Acceleration Relay, one-N.O contact
  • Fault Relay, one-N.O contact

Typical applications

  • Pumps
  • Fans
  • Compressors
  • Conveyors and monorail systems
  • Weak power source starting (diesel generators, long cables, etc).

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