MOTORTRONICS - Solid State AC Motor Control. Medium Voltage Soft Starts.

Medium Voltage
Solid State Soft Starters

5kV, 7kV and 15kV Class


Advanced motor control, protection and monitoring in a reliable, field-proven soft starter
UL and cUL Approved

MVC Plus Series, Medium Voltage Soft State. 5kV, 7kV and 15kV Class by MOTORTRONICS. Advanced motor control, protection and monitoring in a reliable, field-proven soft starter.
Medium Voltage Soft Starts by MOTORTRONICS


Advanced Protection

Every facility has equipment critical to its operation and productivity. This equipment is often controlled by medium voltage AC motors.




The MVC Plus Series soft starter provides the highest standard of motor control and unsurpassed protection for these critical motor applications.

Motor Thermal ModelAll the features of a motor protection relay without the added cost.

  • True Thermal Modeling monitors the motor for excessive thermal conditions due to starting, running , Motor Thermal and even ambient Model conditions. 0%
  • Retentive Thermal Memory for continuous overload protection even after a complete power loss. When power is restored, the MVC Plus remembers the last thermal condition of the 100% motor, observes the off time via a real-time clock and adjusts the thermal model accordingly.
  • Non-Volatile Memory stores the thermal memory without the need for batteries.
  • True Time Thermal Tracking adjusts the thermal model for different cooling rates based on motor temperature, running state or power loss.
  • Dynamic Reset Response Reset is only allowed after the motor has sufficient thermal capacity for a successful restart.
  • Thermal Model Biasing adjusts for heating effects of phase current imbalance or optional RTD inputs.

Flexible SetupDynamic Reset Response
Choose the level of overload protection.

  • Programmable Trip Classes selectable fromNEMA/UL Classes 5 – 30.
  • Dual Mode Protection separate trip curves forstart and run modes (example: Class 20 for start, Class 10 for run).
  • Warning Levels can be programmed and assigned to one of six built-in output relays.
  • Custom Trip Curve programmable based on the motor manufacturer’s data or it can use a “Learned Overload Curve” that reflects normal running condition with a programmable trip bandwidth.
  • Remote or Automatic Overload Reset can be activated for unattended operations.
System / Protection Features
Reduced voltage soft start
Under voltage
Current Imbalance
Phase rotation
Locked rotor / Incomplete sequence
12t electronic motor overload
Instantaneous electronic over current trip
Over current
Power factor trip
Over voltage protection
Starts per hour and time between starts
Frequency variance
Lockout / start inhibit
Ground fault detection, instantaneous and current
Stator and bearing RTD protection
Speed switch and tachometer trip

The MVC Plus Series soft starter provides the system protection features found in expensive “stand-alone” Motor Protection Relays, without costly add-on cards or discreet devices.

  • Over Current / Electronic Shear Pin trip and alarm safeguards your motor and equipment. Protects against jammed loads, sand in pumps, detects worn out blades, etc.
  • Under Current / Load trip and alarm sensing detects an underloaded motor due to shaft/belt breakage or loss of prime in pumping systems.
  • Dual Mode Short Circuit Trip (exclusive “toe-inthe-water” circuit) pre-checks the motor to prevent starting into a shorted load. In the Run mode, it becomes an “electronic fuse” tripping faster than most fuses and circuit breakers.
  • Phase Rotation, Phase Loss and Current Imbalance Protection
  • Under Voltage, Over Voltage and Line Frequency trips and alarms protect against power problems from the utility or generator.





Ground Fault Option

Zero Sequence ground fault protection can be provided to protect equipment from damage due to faulty grounded conductors or motor windings. Separate High (fast) and Low (slower) trip points and alarm levels are available to help prevent nuisance trips. The ground fault protection (T uses a fiber optic connection for safety isolation.

RTD Input Option for Precise Thermal Management

RTD Input Option for Precise Thermal Management

RTD Input Option for Precise Thermal Management

Thermally biased, programmable RTD inputs can be multiple types and can be individually named. Each RTD can be assigned to an output relay with different values for alarm or trip. Temperatures are recorded to the fault history and can be used to activate warning or trip relays based on setpoints. 12 RTD inputs can be configured in software to match the RTD material used and can be monitored at the keypad or remotely.

Real-time Clock Features

Real-time Clock Features

  • Coast Down/ Back Spin Lockout (programmable up to 60 minutes) prevents a start attempt when the motor /Ioad is backspinning when the motor is turned off.
  • Elapsed Time Metering indicates run time for scheduled maintenance or trouble shooting help.
  • Time Between Starts Lockout eliminates motor and equipment damage caused by repeated start commands.
  • Time and Date Stamping of faults for precise recording of what happened when.
  • Starts-per-Hour Lockout/Short Cycle Timer allows you to program the maximum number of starts per hour and provides a programmed “wait time” (0 – 60 minutes) between start attempts.


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