Commander SK

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Simplicity with Function

Operator Interfaces


The Commander SK can operate and be set up using the standard fixed keypad, or with either the SK-Keypad Remote or SM-Keypa’d Plus, The SK-Keypad Remote is a full-function, 7-digit LED data display, The SM-Keypad Plus is a back-lit LCD display option that can be remote mounted, has 5 languages, plus custom text database, on-line help, and HMI features. Both keypads are “hot-pluggable,” enabling them to be moved from one drive to another without powering down.

SK- Keypad Remote and SM- Keypad Plus


Description Order Code
Remote panel mounting LED SK-Keypad Remote display with additional function key, IP65 SK-Keypad Remote
Remote panel mounting LCD multilingual text keypad display with additional help key, IP54 SM-Keypad Plus
Keypad to Drive Communication Cable SP-LCD-485-XXX



These operator interface units complement the CT product line by offering an impressive way of accessing parameters and adding more programming power to your application. The following features make these screens a simple and impressive solution for you.,. and your customers:

  • Graphical full color and 4-tone monochrome touchscreen
  • Menus, submenus, alarms, fault conditions,
  • Realtime trends and graphs
  • Scheduling and background programs
  • Modbus RTU and Modbus TCP/IP
  • Import pictures and graphics
  • Advanced Recipe capabilities

For more information, refer to the Accessories Section.

Commander SK Human Machine Interface (HMI) VT155W and VT525W.

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