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    (Obsolete) Saftronics PC10 Mini Vector AC Drives
    (Obsolete FINCOR Series 5750)

    Saftronics PC10 AC Drives are Obsolete and No Longer Available – They have been Replaced with the Saftronics CV10 Compact Vector AC Drives.

    Options & Accessories

    Palm Pilot Saflink Kit

    Part No.
    KIT Includes
    Part No.
    Palm Pilot
    Part No.
    HotSync Cable
    Part No.
    Part No.
    SAFLINK Cable
    Part No.
    046-7030 046-3030 046-9100 046-9018 *046-9024 GP10 / VG10 PC10
    046-9016 018-3009
    *(2) AAA Batteries (P/N G6001-10) are included


    To provide an economical, and portable means of using the Saflink program
    with the PC10, GP10 or VG10


    • Ease of connecting to the drive in the most demanding environments.

    • HotSync with PC Saflink software (Future Version)

    • An economical means of implementing Saflink which allows you to:

      • Edit individual parameters

      • Load and save parameters

      • Compare parameters

      • Control the drive with built-in Digital Operator

      • Store / Retrieve parameter files

      • Monitor 4 independent signals

      • Automatically scan drive functions

      • Readout Diagnostics and History


    Palm Pilot Operating System – 3.5 and up

    Connection Diagram

    Palm Pilot Saflink Kit Connection Diagram

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