As of March 26, 2010 Joliet Technologies is no longer representing the Avtron line of products.

We do however represent the Dynapar line of Rotary Feedback Products.

Avtron – Tachs, Tachometers, Encoders, Rotary Pulse Generators

Joliet Technologies is the preferred Avtron Integrator for the Chicagoland area.

Tachs, Tachometers, Encoders, Rotary Pulse Generators 

NEMA C Face Mounting

NEMA 56C and 5 PY Mounted Encoders

Avtron offers many different encoder styles to fit nearly every installation requirement. Many older installations used the NEMA 56C face or foot mounted tachogenerator like the GE BC-42 and BC-46 or Reliance RE-210. Upgrading these installations is easy with Avtron foot or face mount encoders. Use Thomas CCX Couplings (below) for best performance.

For NEMA 56C Face or Foot Mount:

(For more information on these encoders… go to Sales Literature PDF Download Page.)

  • M727
  • M737
  • M738
  • M785
  • M938
  • M940

For NEMA 56C Face Mount or Foot Mount with optional bracket:

(For more information on these encoders… go to Sales Literature PDF Download Page.)

  • M385
  • M485
  • M945

Many Reliance Electric Installations used resolvers on 2.5″ 5PY flanges.

For 5PY Mounted Encoders:

(For more information on this encoder… go to Sales Literature PDF Download Page.)

  • M925

Any of the above installations may be retrofitted with shaft tachs by removing the adapter flanges and couplings from the motors and mounting an M3 Universal Encoder or M585/M685 SHAFTach (TM) to the existing motor or stub shaft.

SHAFTachTM is a trademark of Avtron Manufacturing, Inc.

Thomas Miniature Couplings*

Thomas Miniature Flexible Disc Couplings

Material Specifications for Standard Couplings:

Hubs and center member: Aluminum alloy, anodized.
Rivets: Brass.
Washers: Brass.
Discs: Stainless Steel
Set Screws: 18-8 stainless steel, passivated.

Guide to Proper Designation of Hubs

Hub Designation Outline Drawing

Style CC

Thomas Coupling
This coupling has both hubs inverted and is designed to fit shafts normally encountered at a given torque range. Ideal for use where space limitations require close coupling of the shafts.

General Dimensions (inches)

Size No. A B C F T Torque Capacity (lb. -in.)
12 1/2 1/4 1/32 17/32 0.018 1.1
18 3/4 3/8 1/16 13/16 0.023 2.2
25 1 1/2 1/16 1 1/16 0.025 4.7
37 1 7/16 11/16 1/8 1 1/2 0.035 19.0
50 1 3/4 15/16 1/8 2 0.045 75.0
62 2 1/4 1 1/16 1/8 2 1/4 0.060 300
75 2 1/2 1 3/16 1/8 2 1/2 0.060 440
100 3 1 3/8 1/4 3 0.060 700
Coupling Outline Drawing

Torque capacities are based on smooth drives with moderate torque fluctuations. Reduce ratings to 1/3 the value shown for severe applications such as indexing drives where torque reversals occur.

All Thomas disc couplings meet NEMA frame sleeve bearing motor specifications without modification or the addition of end-float restricting devices.

*Information from Rexnord’s Catalog “Thomas Flexible Disc Couplings”

Rexnord Corporation
Thomas Coupling Division
Warren, PA, USA
Phone: 814-723-6600

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