Effective: January 2022

  1. Technical Assistance and Service Rates
Activity Field Engineer Software Systems, Application Engineer Project Manager  Definition
a. Hourly Rate $125 / hour $140 / hour $165 / hour Up to 8 hours, Monday thru Friday between 7:00 A.M. & 4:30 P.M. plus incidental living expenses and actual total time en route from office to job site & return.
Travel Rate $100 / hour $100 / hour $100 / hour
b. Overtime-Extended weekdays & Saturdays $187.50 / hour $210 / hour $247.50 / hour All time over 8 hours per day Monday thru Friday, all time before 7:00am and after 4:30pm Monday thru Friday & all Saturday time. Total time not to exceed 12 hours per day. Includes actual total time en route from office to job site and return.
Travel Rate $125 / hour $140 / hour $165 / hour
c. Overtime – Over 12 hours/day & Sundays & Holidays $250 / hour $280 / hour $300 / hour All Sunday, holiday work & all time in excess of a 12 hour day. Includes actual time en route from office to job site and return.
Travel Rate $187.50 / hour $210 / hour $247.50 / hour
d. Travel, Living & Incidental Expense Is not included in any of the hourly rates and shall be billed at cost, plus 15%. The purchaser shall reimburse Joliet Technologies for transportation expenses incurred for traveling to and from the job site. Company/personal vehicle travel expenses shall be calculated at the company’s rate per mile current at the time of such use.
e. Standby Time $125 / hour
Max. 8 hrs/day
Standby is considered service time. This rate will be charged to retain a man in the service job site area in lieu of his incurring expenses by returning to our office.
f. Print Charge $50.00 plus Standard charge per sheet, based on size.
g. RUSH Handling $75.00 & Freight RUSH handling of parts orders where significant added labor is involved.


  • Purchase Order MUST be issued for service and all start-up services MUST be scheduled at least one week in advance.
  • Travel time is to be considered service time & will be billed at the hourly rate as exhibited in the above chart.
  • Parts & materials supplied in connection with Field Service work will be priced in accordance with the company’s standard pricing policy.
  • Joliet Technologies Field Engineers, Software, or Systems, Application Engineers are not allowed to work more than 12 hours/day or 60 hours/week without written approval from Joliet Technologies and the customer. This is necessary for safety considerations.
  1. Per Diem Rates:
    Domestic=$50.00 / day, for each Service Tech – Applies to overnight service calls only.
  2. Trouble Shooting and Technical Support over the Phone Lines:
    Customers will be required to issue a P.O. number to field service or software engineers upon receiving a call back. There is a flat rate of $200 for the first hour and $125 per hour thereafter.
  3. All rates are exclusive of any Value Added Tax or Local Taxes, which may be applicable. Any applicable taxes will be charged at the rates ruling at the time of billing.