General Electric NEMA/IEC AC Motors

ValueLine™ EPAct Efficiency – TEFC AC Motors

ValueLine™ EPAct Efficiency – TEFC AC Motors

ValueLine™ EPAct Efficiency – TEFC

GE offers a wide variety of motors that meet governmental EPAct standards. These totally enclosed fan cooled (TEFC) motors are available in the range of 1-250 HP for general-purpose applications. These motors are inverter duty and meet the NEMA MG1-31 standard.

Industries: Commercial/Industrial Air Handling, Water & Wastewater, Pulp & Paper, Cement, Petrochemical, Utilities, Mining, Metals.


  • 143T-286T shielded bearings with Lithium Grease
  • 284TS-286TS, 324-449 Open Regreaseable Bearings with Polyurea grease
  • ISO grade 8.8 zinc plated hardware
  • Cast Iron frame and endshields
  • Oversized conduit box
  • F1 can be modified to F2
  • Ground bolt in conduit box
  • Bearing L10 life
    • Direct Coupled 65,000 hrs
    • Belted 26,280 hrs

Electrical Features

  • EPAct efficiency design
  • NEMA A or B performance
  • 208-230/460, 460, 575V at 1.15 service factor
  • 200, 400V, 50 Hz at 1.0 service factor
  • GEGARD1800™ insulation system – Exceeds NEMA MG-31 for motors operating on inverters
  • Infinite:1 variable torque speed range
  • 4:1 constant torque speed range
  • Class F insulation 2 dip and bake (143-286 frame), VPI (324 -445 frame), trickle treat (447-449 frame)
  • Anti-fungus treatment
  • 80° C rise at 1.0 service factor


  • Pumps
  • Fans
  • Blowers
  • Conveyors
  • Compressors


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