WEG Variable Frequency Drives

WEG CFW09 AC Variable Frequency Drives

1 HP to 500 HP


WEG CFW09 Vectrue Inverters, A Complete, Flexible and Compact Product.

WEG CFW09 Vectrue Inverters, A Complete, Flexible and Compact Product.

Intelligent operator interface with double display, LED (7 segment) and LCD (2 lines with 16 characters), providing optimum distant viewing along with a detailed description of all parameters and messages.SELECTABLE LANGUAGE
The language of the LCD display messages can be selected by the operator. English, Spanish and Portuguese are available.ORIENTED START-UP
The CFWO9 “Oriented Start-up” feature was specially created to facilitate and expedite the start-up procedure. At the first power-up or after a reset to factory default parameters, an automatic programming routine guides the operator through a sequence of steps for the introduction of the minimum parameters necessary for a perfect adaptation between drive and motor.COPY FUNCTION
This intelligent keypad also incorporates a “Copy Function”, which allows copying parameters from one drive to others, providing easy and reliable programming repeatability for duplicate applications. Keypad can store two complete sets of user parameters.

Keypad Functions

Starts the VFD via a controlled acceleration ramp. When running switches the display indication:
RPM – Volts – Status – Torque – Hz – Amps
Stops the VFD via a controlled deceleration ramp.
Resets the VFD after a fault trip has occurred.
Increases the speed or parameter number/content.
Decreases the speed or parameter number/content.
Switches the display between the parameter number and its content (position/content) for programming.
While pressed the motor is run at JOG speed.
FWD / REV key. When pressed reverses the direction of rotation.
Selects the VFD operating mode as Local or Remote.
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