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ABB DC Drives
DCS800, 10 to 4000 hp


DCS800 Panel Drive

The DCS800-EPx Panel Drive is a DCS800 power module and associated system components mounted and wired on a sub-panel and ready to be installed into an industrial enclosure.
System components include AC input fuses, DC output fuses (regen only), control transformer, AC contactor, plus optional components. The drive is designed to easily replace a Reliance Electric® FlexPak® 3000 drive.

Product Offering

  • 460 Vac, factory or field convertible to 230 Vac
  • 10 to 500 HP with heavy duty overload ratings (150 pct for 60 sec.)
  • 600 HP with normal duty ratings (110 pct for 60 sec.)
  • Integral ABB AC contactor
  • UL Listed with 65 kA SCCR

Panel Drive Benefits

  • Space efficient multilevel panel
  • Easy to maintain
  • Pre-wired, pre-tested solution for smooth start ups
  • Greatly simplifies the procurement process
  • Module can be replaced without replacing the entire panel

Optional Features

Option Size Option Code
Integral line reactor * Up to 150 hp +E213
ABB Tmax MCP circuit breaker +F278
ABB A-line blower motor contactor & overload Blower from 1/2 to 15 hp +M611 –
Without AC contactor +0F250
230 Vac supply +S235

*Reactor or isolation transformer required!

DCS800 Power Module Benefits

  • Highly reliable DCS800 module drive
  • Integral field supply, including field weakening
  • Control Panel with 5-line display and 2 soft keys
  • DriveWindows Light PC tool included

Excellent Reliance® FlexPak® 3000 Retrofit Drive

  • Same bolt pattern
  • Similar features
  • Fits within FlexPak® 3000 clearance area
  • ABB’s Replacement Guide (DCS800-PHTG01U-EN) makes conversions go smoothly

ABB DCS800 DC Panel Drives

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ABB DCS800 DC Variable Speed Drives
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