Hudson Energy - Choice is Power

Joliet Technologies has partnered with Hudson Energy, in our effects to promote energy efficiency through the use of variable speed drives.

In this economic climate you need to get the most bang for your buck. This is the time to make those improvements you need to save energy, cut costs & stay competitive. Waiting only costs you money. Contact Joliet Technologies today.

Many utilities are now offering rebates for the installation of VFD’s or retro-fitting existing equipment with variable frequency drives. Contact your local utility or search VFD rebate or go to the DSIRE website or website, a couple of comprehensive sources of information on state, local, utility and federal incentives and policies that promote renewable energy and energy efficiency.

Choice is Power

Businesses deserve options. We ensure commercial customers of all sizes can access the customized electricity and natural gas services they need. With exceptional support and industry-leading smart technology, our customers can power their businesses, their way.

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Who is Hudson Energy?

Hudson Energy is an established and innovative business-to-business supplier of electricity, natural gas, and green energy solutions. Rooted in customized service and driven by innovation, we are one of the fastest-growing energy providers in North America.

Why Choose Hudson Energy?

For businesses, selecting an energy provider is a significant decision. At Hudson Energy, we believe in establishing long-term customer relationships alongside comprehensive, value-added services.

Lasting Power

Lasting Power

Since 2002, we have been a leader in the energy industry and are committed to fostering innovation and growth for many years to come.

Dedicated Focus

Dedicated Focus

First-class customer service paired with a knowledgeable and caring support team puts help right there when you need it.

Dynamic Pricing

Dynamic Pricing

Our market experience, purchasing power, and strong relationships with global partners give you flexible plans and consistent value.

Environmental Stewards

Environmental Stewards

As a champion for green energy solutions, we are committed to providing innovative and affordable ways for you to reduce your environmental impact.

Energy Advisors

Energy Advisors

Our expert team will work with you to customize an energy plan that meets your business’s unique needs and support you every step of the way.

Our Customers

Hudson Energy believes all commercial businesses deserve a choice when it comes to their energy services. From local bakeries to cities and everything in between, we proudly serve a range of commercial customers. We have the depth, scope, and expertise to be your trusted partner in power.

Our Sales Partners

We make it easy for our sales partners to do business. Our partners can offer their clients unparalleled energy solutions using our in-house support network and proprietary pricing and marketing tool.

Our smart technology, Hudson Connex, makes requesting quotes and generating contractual documents online simple and convenient. We support our partners in achieving their sales goals with informative training sessions, a flexible commission structure, and rewards programs.

  • Informative training sessions
  • Flexible commission structure
  • Rewards programs

Markets We Serve

  • Natural Gas
  • Electricity
  • Both (Natural Gas & Electricity)

What They Say About Hudson Energy

“Texas Energy Aggregation and Hudson have been working together since 2009. We have a knowledgeable, dedicated rep who is responsive whenever we need pricing. They have remained consistently competitive, and their entire team has been great to work with. Because we also handle customer service for our clients, it is especially valuable that we have trusted people there to resolve any potential issues should they arise. ”

TJ Ermoian   President, Texas Energy Aggregation (Broker) – TX

“My experience with Hudson Energy has clearly indicated their sincere willingness to listen to my needs, and they have worked to provide the best market rate. I have no hesitation in recommending Hudson Energy to anyone serious about managing their utility requirements.”

Neal Seifeddine   Partner, O2’s Tap House & Grill (Restaurant) – Alberta

“Hudson Energy has always treated our school district as family. Any issues or concerns that may arise- whether it be adding/deleting accounts or troubleshooting a bill, they have always striven to get it done quickly and effortlessly.”

Jaime Barboza   PSJA (School District) – TX

“I have been a Hudson Energy customer for over 5 years, and the service they provide is outstanding. When I made the change, I reviewed 3 different retail providers. I chose Hudson Energy for two reasons: 1) The rate structure was competitive, and 2) I appreciated the promise of customer service excellence.”

Wayne Sluice   Vice President, Sand Tiger Lodge (Hotel) – Alberta