Joliet Technologies is proud to be an integrator of Soft Starter Products by SOLCON.

Solcon RVS-BX Basic Soft Starter with Built-In BypassRVS-BX Basic Soft Starter with Built-In Bypass

Basic Soft Starter with a built-in bypass. Range: 8-58A, 4-160KW, 220-600V. This is the 4th generation model, it has been perfected to give you long term dependability and superb performance.

Solcon Digital Soft Starter RVS-BX

Solcon Digital Soft Starter RVS-BX

Digital Soft Starter RVS-BX

Electronic 3 phase
for Motors 8-58A, 220-600V

This full featured line is Solcon’s fourth generation of 3 phase soft starters. The RVS-BX incorporates enhanced start-stop characteristics providing the best solutions for most of the basic applications. The bypass, included in this starter, guarantees long term reliability and excellent performance.

Advanced Starting and Stopping Characteristics

  • Reduced inrush current & mechanical shock
  • Soft, smooth stepless acceleration & deceleration
Solcon Digital Soft Starter RVS-BX

Solcon Digital Soft Starter RVS-BX

Digital Soft Starter Displays

  • On-led


  • Opto-Isolated Inputs one output relays.
  • Easily operated, three adjustments:
    1. Intial voltage
    2. Ramp up
    3. Ramp down

Digital Soft Starter Construction

  • Normal duty rated design (ambient 40°C).
  • Compact, light weight, aluminum, small foot-print and book type design.

Digital Soft Starter Typical Applications

  • Pumps (Water utilities, Industry)
  • Small compressors
  • Conveyors & monorails
  • Mixers & Agitators
  • Fans & Centrifuges
  • Hydraulic pumps
  • Starting from weak Mains supply

Solcon CE Approval


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