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ABB ACS150 Component Drives - Interface


FlashDrop is a powerful palm sized tool for fast and easy parameter selecting and setting. This tool can be used to download parameters to a drive in as little as two seconds. U sing this tool it is also possible to hide selected parameters to protect the machine. Only the parameters needed in the application are shown. FlashDrop does not require the drive to be powered. The drives shipping container is also designed to allow use of the FlashDrop tool without removing the drive.
NEMA 1 Kit
The NEMA 1 kit MUL1-R1 includes a conduit box and hood for protection against dirt and dust. The MUL1-R1 covers all ACS150 frame sizes.

ABB ACS150 Component Drives - FlashDrop and NEMA 1 Kit (MUL1-R1)

Option Pricing

Name Description Field Kit Code

Field Kit

ACS 150/350 Programming Case Powered by 115VAC, the Programming Case includes an ACS150 and ACS350 drive mounted on a panel. Included is an I/O board with switches, pots, meters and LEDs permitting remote operation. ACS150/350-
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ACS150/350 Display Case The Display Case provides an ACS50, ACS150 and an ACS350 along with options ACS50-POT, MPOT-01, one Fieldbus Adapter, ACS-CP-A, ACS-CP-C, MFDT-01 and MTAC-01 mounted loosly inside a foam packed suitcase AC150/S350-
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NEMA 1 Enclosure Kit This option provides the necessary hardware to modify the ACS 150 drive from the standard fingersafe protected chassis to NEMA 1 protection capable of landing conduit. MUL 1-R 1 is used for frame sizes RO through R2. MUL1-R1 CALL for Pricing
Flashdrop FlashDrop is a powerful palm sized tool for fast and easy parameter selecting and setting. It gives the possibility to hide selected parameters to protect the machine. Only the parameters needed in the application are shown. The tool can copy parameters between two drives or between a PC and a drive. Includes DrivePM (Drive parameter manager) which is a tool to create, edit and copy parameter sets for FlashDrop. The parameter sets can consist of all parameters (incl. motor parameters and ID run results) or only a set of the user parameters. MFDT-01 CALL for Pricing

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Brake resistors
All ACS150 drives are configured with a built-in brake chopper capable of 100% braking. By connecting an external resistor you can enable the dynamic braking function. The minimum and maximum resistance and the required power is show in the table. Ensure the resistor purchased does not exceed the maximum resistance nor is smaller than the minimum resistance. For more information about the selection of brake resistors, see the ACS150 User’s Manual.

Selection table

Type Code Frame
hp kW

1-phase supply voltage 200 – 240 V units

ACS150-01U-02A4-1 R0 70 390 0.5 0.37
ACS150-01U-04A7-1 R1 40 200 1 0.75
ACS150-01U-06A7-1 R1 40 130 1.5 1.1
ACS150-01U-07A5-1 R2 30 100 2 1.5
ACS150-01U-09A8-1 R2 30 70 3 2.2

3-phase supply voltage 200 – 240 V units

ACS150-03U-02A4-2 R0 70 390 0.5 0.37
ACS150-03U-03A5-2 R0 70 260 0.75 0.55
ACS150-03U-04A7-2 R1 40 200 1 0.75
ACS150-03U-06A7-2 R1 40 130 1.5 1.1
ACS150-03U-07A5-2 R1 30 100 2 1.5
ACS150-03U-09A8-2 R2 30 70 3 2.2

3-phase supply voltage 380 – 480 V units

ACS150-03U-01A2-4 R0 310 1180 0.5 0.37
ACS150-03U-01A9-4 R0 230 800 0.75 0.55
ACS150-03U-02A4-4 R0 210 500 1 0.75
ACS150-03U-03A3-4 R1 150 400 1.5 1.1
ACS150-03U-04A1-4 R1 130 300 2 1.5
ACS150-03U-05A6-4 R1 100 200 3 2.2
ACS150-03U-08A8-4 R1 70 110 5 4

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