AuCom EMX3 Soft Starts

EMX3 Soft Starters


The EMX3 is the latest development in soft starters providing a complete motor starting and management system.
With an impressive Range of features in a single user friendly package, never before has MOTOR control been so simple.

EMX3 Soft Starter

More Control

Not only does the EMX3 soft starter feature Constant Current and Current Ramp, but the EMX3 is the world’s first soft starter to control acceleration. We call it Adaptive Acceleration control.

According to your application requirements you can now select between early, constant or late acceleration/deceleration. This level of choice is only available from AuCom.

More control means smarter starts and smoother stops that reduce downtime and eliminate water hammer problems.

Easy to Use

The EMX3 is easy to use during installation, commissioning, operation and even trouble shooting.

Quick setup gets your machinery running in next to no time, informative screens advise your operator on the performance of your motor and real language trip messages pinpoint exactly where any issues lie.

Options for control wiring from the top, bottom or left side provide greater flexibility, plus unique wiring looms and cable retainers make for a faster, tidier install. You’ll soon experience how easy the EMX3 is to use.

Feature Set

The EMX3 is a smart, dependable and easy to use soft starter. New design features make the EMX3 the perfect solution for quick set-up or more customised control, including:

  • Large LCD screen with multi-language feedback
  • Remote mountable keypad station
  • Intuitive programming
  • Advanced start and stop control functions
  • A complete range of motor protection features
  • Extensive performance monitoring and event logging

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