Rerplacement Guide
DCS800-EP replaces the Reliance FlexPak® 3000

Replacement Guide - ABB DCS800-EP replaces the Reliance FlexPak 3000

Cross Reference

Name Description Reliance
ABB Field Kit
ABB Comment
115 VAC Control
Converts customer-supplied 115 VAC signals to 24 VDC for operating a FlexPak 3000. 917FK0101 IOB-22 Kit NA
460 VAC to 230 VAC
Conversion Kit
Allows conversion of the 460 VAC drive to a 230 VAC drive at one-half the 460 VAC horsepower rating. 916FK series DCS800-EP 230VAC
AC Line Disconnect
Allows the three-phase line to be disconnected at the drive. 901FK series NA +F278
AC Tachometer
Feedback Kit
Allows the drive to accept feedback signals from AC tachometers to a maximum voltage of 275 VAC RMS. 907FK0301 NA NA See Incompatibilities and Remedies section
AutoMax Network
Communication Board
Allows the drive to communicate on the Reliance AutoMax Distributed Control System (DCS). 915FK0101 NA NA Third party gateway may be available. Consult ABB.
Blower Motor Starter
Provides a fused AC starter with adjustable overload and interlocking for control of the three-phase blower motor used to cool the DC motor. 902FK series NA +M6xx where xx identifies blower current rating
Communication Board
Allows the drive to communicate over the open protocol DeviceNet network. 915FK1100 RDNA-01-KIT NA
Drive Control
Configuration Software
Windows-based software that allows the user to connect any personal computer running Microsoft Windows to a drive. Allows you to create, store, upload, and download drive configurations.
You can also start and stop the drive, monitor and change parameters through the PC, and read and reset the drive’s fault log.
2CS3000 NA Standard Drive Windows Light is included as standard
ControlNet Network
Communication Board
Allows the drive to communicate over the ControlNet network. 915FK2101 RCNA-01-KIT NA
Dynamic Braking Kit Provides the hardware, including braking grids, needed to provide dynamic braking on stop. 908FK, 909FK,
912FK, and
913FK series
NA NA See Incompatibilities and Remedies section
Enhanced Field Supply
Provides electronic field trim, field economy, and the ability to supply 240V field voltage and other special voltages. 923FK series NA Standard On Board Field Exciter:
DCS800 includes currentcontrolled field exciter as standard. Field economy and field weakening features are standard
Field Current
Regulator Kit
Provides field economy, as well as pre-weakening of the field using a fixed reference or field weakening for above base speed operation. Tachometer feedback is required with this kit. This kit replaces the standard field supply. 911FK series NA Standard
I/O Expansion Board Gives the drive (5) digital inputs (DI); (2) relay outputs (RO); (2) analog inputs (AI); (2) analog outputs (AO); (1) frequency input; and (1) frequency output of additional IO. Also enables OCL (Outer Control Loop) functionality if DI-5 (OCL Enable) is connected. 914FK0101 “RAIO-01: (2) AI;
(2) AO
RDIO-01: (3) DI; (2)
NA See note below regarding frequency input and output.
IF OCL is in use, typically for web tension control, contact ABB.
Inverting Fault Circuit
Breaker Kit
This kit is an alternative to drives supplied with inverting fault fuses. 906FK series NA NA
NEMA 1 Conversion
Converts the standard chassis to a NEMA 1 enclosure. 904FK series NA NA
Operator Interface
Module (OIM) Remote
Mounting Kit
Allows mounting of the OIM on the outside of the cabinet 905FK0101 OPMP-01 NA
Pulse Encoder
Feedback Kit
Allows for digital pulse encoder speed feedback. 907FK0101 NA Standard The standard DCS800 pulse encoder interface is
5V and 24V grounded (and 15V on frame D5 and over).
Optional interface is the 5V, 12V or 24V isolated, using the IOB-3 board.

Table 3: FlexPak 3000 to DCS800 options cross reference
NOTE: For FlexPak 3000, Frequency input and output were designed for LEADER / FOLLOWER applications where both drives have the I/O expansion board installed.
For DCS800, use SDCS-DSL-4 boards on both drives and connect using ABB „DCSLink.“ See „Communication: DCSLink with SDCS-DSL-4“ in the DCS800 Firmware Manual for setup information.

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