About AuCom

About AuCom


We’ve been making soft starters since 1981 and we’re still going strong. We’re always talking to customers in order to improve technology to meet their needs.
So our products have an international reputation for being the market leaders in soft start.


AuCom is accredited to ISO9001:2000, with all products designed and tested to international standards such as IEC 60947-4-2, UL 508, CCC and CISPR-11.
All our products are thoroughly tested in certified facilities and in the field before release, and every soft starter is tested before despatch.


No two people are the same, just as no two businesses are alike. We’re proud that we treat each and every client as someone quite individual with their own set of business challenges. We have solutions for simple applications, and fully featured advanced starters for more complex requirements.


AuCom chooses partners that are committed to soft start and motor control, and regarded as experts in their local market. We work closely with our partners to ensure customers receive only the best advice.


AuCom introduced the first complete range of soft starters and since then, we have concentrated on fulfilling the promise that we lead the world in soft start technology and developing new products to keep improving motor performance.

We are proud of our attention to detail, flexibility and engineering skill, and are globally recognised as the world’s leading specialist in soft starters.

AuCom North America manufacturing plant in Freedom, PA

AuCom North America manufacturing plant in Freedom, PA



AuCom offers a complete range of soft starters, with a solution for your soft starting requirement. Whether you need a simple product for starting only, or a comprehensive solution for your motor control and protection needs, you can trust AuCom to offer a product to match.

CSX * * ≤ 200 A ≤ 575 VAC
CSXi * * * ≤ 200 A ≤ 575 VAC
EMX3 * * * * ≤ 2400 A ≤ 690 VAC
MVX * * * * ≤ 800 A * ≤ 15 kV

* higher ratings available on request.

CSX Soft Starter Controller

CSX Soft Starter ControllerAn advanced soft start controller designed for use in motor control centres. Easily incorporated into any control circuit and suitable for use with any type of motor protection device.

CSXi Compact Soft Starter

CSXi Compact Soft StarterA compact soft starter providing constant current soft start control plus essential motor protection.
Also available is the CSX series of soft start controllers.

IMS2 Digital Soft Starter

IMS2 Digital Soft Starter

A comprehensive motor management system providing selectable soft start and soft stop control, advanced motor/load protection systems and extensive control & interface features.

The IMS2 is a “legacy product” (no longer manufactured) replaced by the EMX3.

EMX3 ADVANCED Soft Starter

EMX3 ADVANCED Soft StarterA complete motor management system providing constant current, and current ramp as well as the new XLR-8, Adaptive Acceleration Control, available only from AuCom.

MVX Medium Voltage Soft Starter

MVX Medium Voltage Soft Starter

The MVX is among the smallest medium voltage soft starter in its class.
To ensure that your staff and plant are safe from arc faults, MVX is the only choice.

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