MOTORTRONICS - Solid State AC Motor Control. Medium Voltage Soft Starts.

VMX Series
Compact Low Voltage
Soft Start Starters

Ratings from 18A to 1250A
(up to 1200Hp)
240VAC and 480VAC

CE, UL and cUL Certified.


Motortronics VMX Series Compact Low Voltage Soft Start Starters. 240VAC & 480VAC.

VMX Series Low Voltage Soft Starts by MOTORTRONICS

Integrated bypass contactor
Advanced motor protection
Narrow-width for MCC mounting
Low-profile for use in pump panels
Remote keypad mounting
Unique built-in features

VMX Series Specifications

Power Components

  • 6 SCRs in inverse parallel pairs for full phase angle soft start control
  • 1600V PIV rating on all units
  • RC snubber for dv/dt protection of each SCR pair

Line Voltage Range

  • 200 to 600 VAC, 3 phase + 10% -15% on all units, 50/60Hz

Current Ratings

  • 18 – 1250A depending on unit selection
  • Range of each unit is 50-100% of maximum current rating based on 1.0 service factor

AC Supply Voltage

  • User supplied 120VAC + 10% -15% tolerance, 60Hz
  • Optional 240VAC 50Hz control available

Overload Capacity (% of motor FLA)

  • 600% for 10 seconds, 350% for 30 seconds
  • 100% of Max Amp rating continuous per UL

Bypass Contactor

  • Standard on all units
  • Non-bypassed model available 21 OA & above (refer to product selection guide)
  • Heavy Duty (Across-the-Line) rated models available (refer to VMX-HD Series in product selection guide)

Start/Stop Control Choices

  • 2-wire Run-Stop using dry contacts
  • 3-wire Start/Stop with built-in seal in contact
  • N.C. lnterlock input (dry contact) for remote devices

Ramp Control Choices (4 built-in)

  • Voltage Ramp
  • Voltage Ramp with Current Limit
  • CLT© Closed Loop Torque Ramp (Current Ramp)
  • Current Step (current limit only)
  • Ramp times adjustable 1 – 120 seconds
  • Current Limit adjustable 200 – 600% of FLA

Dual Ramps

  • Select via dry contact closure between any combinations of the above


CE, UL & cUL Certifications.


  • Dry contact closure selects a non-ramping Jog function at an adjustable torque

Kick Start

  • 10 – 100% starting torque for 0.1 – 2 seconds

Pump-Flex™ Deceleration Ramp

  • Fully adjustable to match field conditions:
    • Begin Decel setting, 0 – 100% of line voltage
    • Decel ramp time, 1 – 60 seconds
    • End Decel setting (Of£), 0 – 1 % of Begin setting

Restart Delay Timer (Sequential Start Delay)

  • Programmable time delay 1 – 999 seconds after loss of control power for staggered restarts

Time Clock Controller

  • 24 hour/7 day time clock to provide automatic start
    • Up to 7 start events per day
    • Select operation from 1 through 7 days per week
    • Run time determined by process control timer

Process Control Timer (choice of either)

  • Minimum Run (Batch) Timer
    • 1- 999 minutes
    • Runs until time expires, resets only if expired
    • Resumes and finishes if stopped or power is lost
  • Permissive Run Timer
    • 1- 999 minutes
    • Only allows operation during active run time

RS-485 Serial Communications

  • up to 247 starters per link
  • Modbus RTU protocol built-in
  • Full programming over the serial link
  • Programmable remote starter control
Operator Interface

Operator Interface

Operator Interface

  • Tactile feedback keypad
  • Easy to read LED display
  • Run and fault status indicators


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