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Drive Configuration and Programming


This is a standard feature that enables simple configuration of parameters in a variety of ways. The SmartCard can:

  • ‘Clone’ a complete set of parameters for serial production
  • Save multiple complete sets of parameters
  • Set up an application as parameter differences from default
  • Automatically save all user parameter changes for maintenance purposes
  • Load complete motor map parameters
  • Read/write SmartCard information from within SM-Applications and SM-Applications Lite programs.

The drive only communicates with the SmartCard when commanded to read or write, meaning the card may be “hot swapped”.

Description Order Code
Plug-In drive configuration card. Save/Copy complete drive
parameter mapping.

Control Techniques Unidrive SP Communication Cable.COMMUNICATION CABLE

Using a special RS232 to RS485 converter you can connect the PC to the RJ45 drive. A special pre-made cable is available from Control Techniques for this purpose – this CT Comms Cable is used with other Control Techniques products that use a RJ45/RS485 connector such as the Commander SE and Commander SK.

The RJ45 socket is located under a small flap on the front of the Unidrive SP just below the keypad. The pin-out of this connector is described in the Unidrive SP User Guide.

Description Order Code
PC-to-drlve Comms Cable CT Comms Cable

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