0.5 to 100Hp @ 208 to 240V
1.5 to 600Hp @ 380 to 500V


ABB's NEW ACS 800 AC Drive (I to r): ACS 800-U1 and ACS 800-02

ABB’s NEW ACS 800 AC Drive (I to r): ACS 800-U1 and ACS 800-02

The ACS 800 is an adjustable frequency AC drive that achieves the ultimate in AC motor control  performance. The second in a generation of AC drives to utilize Direct Torque Control (DTCTM), the  ACS 800 performs accurate speed and torque control of any standard squirrel cage motor – without  encoder or tachometer feedback.With drives ranging from 1.5 to 600 HP (1.1 to 500 kW), the ACS 800 series features a multi-lingual,  alphanumeric control panel that also provides an intelligent start-up assistant that will greatly  simplify set-up, operation, and fault diagnostics. The control panel can be mounted on the cover of  the drive, or remotely, and can upload, store, and download parameters.The ACS 800 comes equipped with fifteen programmable blocks that can be assigned to anyone of twenty functions. Linking these blocks to the drive’s  signals, parameters and control functions provides an extremely flexible and adaptive tool to modify the drive to fit the exact application needs. Additionally, an extensive  library of preprogrammed application macros that, at the touch of a button, allow rapid configuration of inputs, outputs,  and parameters for specific applications to maximize convenience and minimize start-up time.The ACS 800 can be used for the simplest application, or the most complex application. Three  integral option slots can be configured with additional analog and digital inputs and outputs, encoder  feedback, as well as a host of different communication bus adapters. An integral brake chopper is  provided on all R2 and R3 frame size drives as standard while an integral brake chopper is an option  for all other frame sizes.

The ACS 800 is available in both a Normal-Duty Rating, and a Heavy-Duty rating. The Normal-Duty  Rating has a 10% short-term overload rating, and the Heavy-Duty rating has a 50% short term  overload rating. With DTC, both ratings allow the motor to develop consistent, high starting torque,  and are considered Constant Torque ratings.

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