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Emerson (NYSE: EMR) is a diversified global technology company that provides products and services for a wide range of industries, commercial markets and end-users, including consumers. Recognized widely for its engineering capabilities and outstanding management process, Emerson has approximately 140,000 employees and 265 manufacturing locations worldwide.

Control Techniques posts new Solutions, and Applied case studies

“When customers come to Emerson, they can consider it solved.”

This is more than a tag line. It defines Emerson’s dedication to solving customer problems. This is reflected in Control Techniques’ latest release of “Applied” case studies and “Solution” flyers showing how Control Techniques products solve real-world applications to save energy, improve safety, lower maintenance costs, increase productivity, lower total system costs, and more.

“Solutions” show the benefits and advantages of Control Techniques drives for specific industry applications. There are now seven new “Solutions” available for downloading in PDF format:

Satisfied customers from around the world have contributed several new “Applied” case studies this year to add to our growing on-line library. The latest Applieds for downloading include:

Solutions and Applied PDFs can be downloaded from the Solution area of the Emerson website.

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Emerson / Control Techniques Products:

About Control Techniques

Control Techniques – A market leader in intelligent drives and drive systems

A part of Emerson Industrial Automation, Control Techniques has a single minded focus on the design and manufacture of variable speed drives. Our drives are used to control motors in a wide range of applications; from precision machines to high performance elevators and from cranes to fans.

Whatever the application, Control Techniques drives deliver an effective solution to increase productivity and reduce energy consumption.

Business without borders

Control Techniques is a global player with manufacturing and research and development facilities in both Europe and Asia. Drive & Application Centres in over 50 locations across 35 countries offer customers local technical sales, service and design expertise, many also offer a comprehensive system design and build service.

Our expertise is in your industry

Our experience and expertise in a broad range of applications allows us to work with you to maximise the performance of your machinery. Together we can deliver the advantage that you need to stay ahead in today’s competitive environment.

Market research suggests our customers choose Control Techniques because they have confidence in our ability to provide solutions where product performance and quality support are most highly valued.

Need to run a 230V, 3Ph motor with 230V, 1Ph input?
Joliet Technologies is pleased to announce that we have the solution to run most 230V, 3Ph motors with only 230V, 1Ph input!
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Emerson / Saftronics Products:

About Saftronics

In October 2005 Saftronics becomes a unit of Emerson Industrial Automation and strengthens the drives and drives system portfolio of Emerson’s Control Techniques division. Saftronics has, for the last 30+ years, been designing, manufacturing, distributing and servicing a full range of solid state motor controls for industrial automation in several countries around the world. From fractional horse powers to several thousand horsepower we have the product, within our wide product range, to optimize every application requiring control of speed and torque of electric motors. Our success in serving our customer’s needs is demonstrated by our rapid growth at rates in excess of the market as a whole. This growth has been achieved by our continuing commitment to offer world-class products supported by superior technical support.

Saftronics is a leader in a wide range of industries from water and HVAC to mining, with assembly locations throughout North America. One of our strengths is our willingness to provide custom-engineered solutions to our customer’s drive problems more quickly and more cost effectively than our competitors. With engineering centers located across North America we can act quickly and leverage the expertise of any center when required. Our products are available through an extensive network of distributors, original equipment manufactures and value-added resellers covering primarily North and South America.

Primary products consist of the following categories:

  • Variable Frequency Inverters for AC motors from 0.25 Hp to 5000HP (0.125kW – 4MW)
  • Variable Speed Drives (1PH/3PH input) for DC motors from 0.25HP to 5000HP (0.125kW – 4MW)
  • Solid State Reduced Voltage Starters for AC motors from 5HP to 5000HP (3.75kW – 4MW)
  • Custom engineered systems using all of the above products.

As part of its commitment to long term growth, Saftronics invests a substantial portion of its resources into ongoing research and development. Our very experienced team of hardware and software engineers, not only ensures that our products continue to be of the highest standards available, but also provides our customers with innovative and cost effective solutions to their automation drive needs.

To purchase any drives or for information, contact us at:
Phone (815) 725-9696,
Toll Free (866) 492-9888,
Fax (815) 725-9393 or
E-mail info@joliettech.com

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