SIMOREG 6RA70 Siemens DC Master Variable Speed DC Drive
Design & Mode of Operation –

Design and Mode of Operation6RA70 DC Master

SIMOREG 6RA70 Converters

SIMOREG 6RA70 converters
are fully digital, compact units for connection to a three-phase AC supply. They in turn supply. the armature and field of variable-speed DC motors. The range of rated DC currents extends from 15 A to 1680 A in the modular design. Higher HP designs are also available from 2700 A to 14500 A. SIMOREG 6RA70, 15A Base Drive Panel.

Converters for single-quadrant or four-quadrant operation are available to suit individual applications. As the converters feature an integrated parameterization panel, they are autonomous and do not require any additional parameterization equipment. All open-loop and closed-loop control tasks as well as monitoring and auxiliary functions are performed by a microprocessor system.

SIMOREG 6RA70 converters are characterized by their compact, space-saving design. An electronics box containing the closed-loop control board is mounted in the converter door. This box also has space to hold additional boards for processrelated expansion functions and serial interfaces. This design makes them especially easy to service since individual components are easily accessible.

External signals (binary inputs/ outputs, analog inputs/outputs, pulse encoders, etc.) are connected by way of plug-in terminals. The converter software is stored in a flash EPROM. Software upgrades can easily be loaded via the serial interface of the basic unit. SIMOREG 6RA70, 1660 A Power Module.

Customer Preference

For the purpose of versatility and selection the SIMOREG 6RA70 is available in the base drive and power module offering. The base drive panel designs consist of the power module mounted on a base panel with the addition of line fuses, control transformer, and contactor. The base drive panel designs allows for easy customer connection of the power cables to the supplied connection points mounted on top of the assembly.

US overload rating 

The converters listed in this guide contain a US rating allowing a 150 % overload for 60 seconds. All base drive components have been selected based on this rating.

Cooling SIMOREG 6RA70, 30 A Converter, open door view.

Converters with rated DC cur rents up to 100 A are selfcooled, while converters with rated DC currents of 140 A and higher have forced-air cooling (fan assembly).

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