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(Obsolete) Saftronics VG10 – Dynamic Torque Vector AC Drive
(Obsolete FINCOR Series 6600)

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Name PG Feedback Card (VG10 only)

Part Number

Function To perform speed control by detecting motor rotating speed using a pulse generator.

Control Speed Control Range 1 : 1200 RPM (3 to 3600r/min)
Maximum speed 3600 r/min (120 Hz)
Speed Control accuracy +/-0.02%
Speed Control response 40 Hz
Applicable encoder (generator) No. of output pulses:100 to 3000 P/R AlB phase (incremental)
Maximum response frequency: 100 kHz
Pulse output method: Totem pole / open collector. Output current 7mA or more.
Input Terminal
VA, VB, CM Connect A- and B-phase output signal from pulse generator on feedback side.
YZ, CM Connect Z-phase output signal from pulse generator on feedback side. When the pulse generator does not have Z -phase, these terminals need not be connected.
Output Power Source None
– Internal Power Source: +15 VDC +/- 10% 120mA, + 12 VDC +/- 10% (Changeable
on PC board1) (Terminal: PO, CM)
– External Power Source: +12 VDC (-10%) to +15 VDC (+1%) / 300mA or less2)
(Terminal P1, CM.

Connection Diagram

PG Feedback Card (VG10 only) - I. Drive Internal Power Supply

PG Feedback Card (VG10 only) - II. External Power Supply

Remarks: Terminals XA, XB, and XZ are not in use.

{1) Use external power source when more than one PG feedback cards are used and the total input current exceeds 120mA
(2) Take note of the power source matches the specifications of the applied pulse generator.