Retro-Fit or Replace

In our fast moving competitive world, as businesses we must perform optimally. The worst thing that we encounter is having equipment that often breaks down on us, or no longer performs near its capabilities. The solutions to these problems can be found with upgrading and replacing equipment. Retro-Fit with New Siemens Drive.

Upgrading is the least expensive of these options. We at Joliet Technologies can examine your existing AC and DC Drives. Through retro-fitting , your old analog equipment can be modified and updated to digital.

Complete replacement of existing drive systems is recommended, but we know sometimes that is just not possible.


  1. More production (greatly reduced down time)
  2. Improved performance
  3. More flexibility
  4. Readily available spare parts
  5. Complete 24 hour technical assistance


Includes all of the above mentioned benefits with any additional options required.

  1. New cabinet and operator station
  2. All new industrial equipment, relays, circuit breakers contactors, cooling fans, cabling etc.
  3. More communication options
  4. Complete new system drawings
  5. Start-up and training

Joliet Technologies is an employee owned company and we strive to provide you the very best pricing available. You will find us always accessible and capable of providing you with solutions to your AC & DC Drive needs.

Feel free to contact us with any drive questions you may have.

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