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(Obsolete) Saftronics VG10 – Dynamic Torque Vector AC Drive
(Obsolete FINCOR Series 6600)

Options & Accessories

Name Synchronized operation card (VG10 only)

Part Number

Function To perform position control by pulse train input, synchronized operation of 3 motors (wait-and-synchro nize operation, simultaneous-start-and-synchronize operation, and proportional speed ration operation).

Control Speed Control Range 1 : 1200 RPM (3 to 3600r/min)
Maximum speed 3600 r/min (120 Hz)
Speed Control accuracy +1-0.02%
Speed Control response 40 Hz
Applicable encoder (generator) No. of output pulses: 20 to 3000 P/R /VB phase (incremental)
Maximum response frequency: 100 kHz
Wiring length: 100m (totem pole) 1 20 (open collector)
 Pulse output method: Totem pole 1 open collector. Output current 7mA or more.
Input Terminal
XA, XB, CM Connect A- and B-phase output signal of master rotary encoder
XZ, CM Connect Z-phase output signal of master rotary encoder
YA, YB, CM Connect A- and B-phase output signal of feedback or master rotary encoder
YZ, CM Connect Z -phase output signal of master rotary encoder
Output Power Source None
(1) Use external power source when more than one PG feedback cards are used and the total input current exceeds 120mA.
(2) Take note of the power source matches the specifications of the applied rotary encoder.

Connection Diagram

Synchronized operation card (VG10 only) - I. Drive Internal Power Supply

Synchronized operation card (VG10 only) - II. External Power Supply

* Pin J2 may be connected on either the 12V or 15V side.

The above diagrams are used when the drive internal power source is used.
When using external power source, perform connection similar to the above connection, be referring to footnote2 when using external power supply of the PG feedback card.

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