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From time to time Joliet Technologies will publish information about some of the projects we have done to keep you informed of our capabilities.

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From system integration to custom control panels, Joliet Technologies provides quality drive systems and custom control panels for new or existing applications or drive system upgrades, all in a timely fashion, and at competitive rates.

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Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have regarding AC Variable Frequency Drive Systems, DC Variable Speed Drives and Controls.

Joliet Technologies custom packages, integrates and engineers DC Variable Speed Drives (VSD’s) using top of the line manufacturers, in this case Control Techniques QUANTUM III. This custom drive package was built to JHT Electronics specifications for their application.

Letter from JHT Electronics…

Goods have arrived in Canada and re-shipped in original packaging to end user. The units looked great…
Thank-you for your assistance to have these goods delivered to be cashed out by client before their year end next week.
Looking forward to a partnership with Joliet Technologies on future opportunities.
We will keep you in mind…
Again, thank-you to you and your team.

Gordon Gee
JHT Electronics Ltd.

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Joliet Technologies is dedicated to provide the highest quality equipment and service. This is why we started this company. With our experience, expertise and commitment, you will be completely satisfied with our workmanship and our work ethic.