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Communication Modules

EMX3 Communication Modules

The EMX3 supports USB and network communication using Ethernet, Profibus, DeviceNet and Modbus RTU protocols, via an easy-to-install communication interface module.

PC Software

Using AuCom’s custom designed WinMaster software you can control, monitor and program your EMX3 from your desktop computer.

EMX3 Finger Guards

Finger Guards

This option ensures personnel safety by preventing accidental contact with live terminals The finger guard kit fits the EMX3-0145B to EMX3-01000B and provides IP20 protection when used with 22 mm plus size cables.

Input/Output CARD

EMX3 Input/Output Card

These hardware expansion cards suit users who require additional inputs and outputs or advanced functions. Each EMX3 can support one expansion card.

The input/output expansion card adds:

  • 2 x inputs
  • 3 x relay outputs
  • 1 x analog input
  • 1 x analog output

EMX3 Adjustable Bus Bar Configuration

Adjustable Bus Bar Configuration

The bus bars on models EMX3-0360C ~ EMX3-1600C can be adjusted for top or bottom input and output as required.
This flexibility allows you optimisation of your switchboard layout.

RTD and Ground Fault

EMX3 RTD and Ground Fault

The RTD and ground fault protection card provides the following additional inputs:

  • 6 x PT100 RTD inputs
  • 1 x ground fault input

To use ground fault protection a 1000:1 5 VA current transformer is also required.

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