Emerson Mentor II / Quantum III / FXM5 Change of Status

Mentor II / Quantum III / FXM5 Change of Status

In a 2010 FLASH email (click here to download), we announced that the production status of our FXM5, Quantum III and Mentor II products (including Mentor II options) had changed to “Legacy” and would be discontinued in early 2011. Effective today, we are changing the production status of these products from “Legacy” to “Maintenance” meaning we will no longer be accepting orders for these products once current inventory has been depleted. We will, however, continue to support these products by providing technical support and spare parts.

Rest assured, existing orders for FXM5, Quantum III and Mentor II and options will be shipped. Aftermarket support parts, products and services will continue to be offered through our Grand Island Service Center using fixed pricing established for all models throughout this maintenance phase. Responsibilities for warranty claims on the effected product remain the same.

This change of product status represents an opportunity to upgrade your customers to the new generation of DC products, the Mentor MP, Quantum MP and FXMP25 field controller. The Mentor MP is the most advanced DC drive available, delivering optimum performance and flexible system interfacing capability. It is an easy replacement for Mentor II with the same dimensions, power connection locations and easy-to-use software conversion tools. (Click here to download the Mentor MP sales brochure.)

The Quantum MP is a packaged Mentor MP, delivering the reliability, power and control required to increase productivity for both new machines and applications where DC motors are already installed.

With added features like a DC loop contactor, high-speed input fuses and 115 VAC control logic and DC output fuse on all regenerative models, the Quantum MP saves engineering time and panel space making it ideal for North American customers. (Click here to download the Quantum MP sales brochure.)

For assistance with selling these or other product upgrades, please visit our website or contact a Control Techniques Application Engineer or Area Sales Rep.

To reflect the above changes, we have created an updated Product Return Policy (click here to download the new policy.)


Alex Harvey
Director of Product Management, AC & DC Drives

Emerson Control Techniques
12005 Technology Drive
Eden Prairie, MN 55344

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