Easy to understand display




Real Language in Real Time

AuCom wants to make your job easy, so the EMX3 gives real-language feedback messages, so you don’t have to look up codes to know what’s happening. With real-time metering displays and a 99- place event log recording time-stamped details of operation and performance, it has never been easier to track how your motor is behaving.


Graphical Display

In many cases we’ve done away with language altogether, using real-time graphs of motor operating performance and current to quickly and clearly illustrate exactly how your motor is performing.

Remote Display Mounting

Remote Display Mounting

The keypad is easily mounted on the exterior of your enclosure, using an optional keypad mounting kit. When mounting multiple soft starters in a single enclosure, this allows centralised control from a single location, with all the relevant information. Mount a number of displays next to each other for quick diagnosis of problems. (IP65 when mounted).


The EMX3 delivers an extensive range of information to replace an additional power meter (Amps, kW, kVA, pf).


When programming multiple units, simply plug the keypad into different starters for immediate download of your data. No fuss, no trouble – a smoother start in every sense.

EMX3 Soft Starter Motor Temperature

Motor Temperature

EMX3 Soft Starter Last Start Information

Last Start Information

EMX3 Soft Stater SCR Conduction

SCR Conduction

EMX3 Soft Starter Current


EMX3 Soft Starter Date and Time

Date and Time

EMX3 Soft Starter User-Programmable Screen

User-Programmable Screen

EMX3 Soft Starter Motor Power

Motor Power

EMX3 Soft Starter Performance Graph

Performance Graph

EMX3 Soft Starter Trip Messages

Trip Messages

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