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ABB Softstarters
Type SSM
Medium Voltage
2300 – 13,800V

Consult factory for higher voltages.



ABB Soft Starters - Type SSM, Medium Voltage 2300 - 13,800V.

ABB Soft Starters – Type SSM, Medium Voltage 2300 – 13,800V.

Technical data

Type of load

Three phase medium voltage AC induction motors

AC supply voltage

2300, 3300, 4160, 6600/6900, 13,800 VAC
+10% to -10%
50/60 Hz line voltages

HP ratings *

* Consult factory for higher horsepower and voltage requirements.

Up to 15,000 HP @ 13,800V (600 Amps max)

Overload rating

500% – 60 Seconds

Power circuit

Series strings of SCR (Silicon Controlled Rectifier) power modules (2, 4 or 6 matched pairs of SCRs per phase depending on voltage rating)

SCR peak inverse voltage

Amps Line voltage PIV rating
200 to 400 2300 V
3300 V
4160 V
6600/6900 V
600 2300 V
3300 V
4160 V
6600/6900 V
11-14 kV

Transient voltage protection

dv/dt circuits (1 per SCR power module)

Vacuum bypass contactor *

* 13.8 kV, 600A softstarters use circuit breakers for isolation and bypass functions.

Standard on all models, line start rated

Ambient operating temperature

0 to 50°C (32°F to 122°F)
(Optional -20° to 50°C with heaters)


Digital microprocessor controller with read-out in English text
Al phanumeric LCD display
N on-volatile memory for programming and faults
O pto-isolated inputs


RS485 with mod bus RTU protocol
R S232 with Windows interface

Auxiliary contacts

FORM C, 8Amps @ 250V


Motor FLA
Dual adjustments – Two independent settings for:
Initial voltage 0 – 100% of nominal voltage
Current limit 0 – 600% of motor FLA
Acceleration time 1 – 120 seconds
Deceleration time 1 – 60 seconds
Kick start 0.1 – 2.0 seconds, 10 – 100% of line voltage
Under voltage trip 70 – 95% (adjustable trip delay)
Over voltage trip 105 – 130% (adjustable trip delay)
Under current trip 20 – 90% of motor FLA (adjustable trip delay)
Over current trip 100 – 300% of motor FLA (adjustable trip delay)
Allowable re-starts 0 – 10 (adjustable time inhibit)

Motor and starter protection

Electronic overload Inverse time, 75 – 150% of motor FLA
Electronic shear pin Trips within 1 cycle of setpoint
Phase loss One or more phases missing
Phase sequence Phase sequency incorrect
Over voltage Trips at high line setpoint
Under voltage Trips at low line setpoint
Stall protection Starting process is not complete
Shorted SCR Internal fault detected
Error connection Internal faulVmotor connection
Starter over-temp Heatsink over temperature


Current Phase A, B, C & average current
Thermal data Thermal capacity of motor
Power KVA, KW, KVAR, power factor, KWH

Line start section

Load break/fault make disconnect switch with automatic grounding arm and viewing window
Fuses with blown fuse indicator
In-line vacuum contactor *

* 13.8 kV, 600A softstarters use circuit breakers for isolation and bypass functions.

Control power transformer with fused primary/secondary
Packaged in common enclosure with soft start
Optional “Soft Start” (requires customer supplied line start panel)

Statistical data

Total amount of run time since soft start was reset
Amount of time it took motor to start during last period
Maximum current during last start period
Total number of starts since soft start was reset
Event history for last 60 events


1000 m /3300 ft. without derating (contact factory for higher elevations)

Enclosure CD *

* 13.8 kV softstarters are rated NEMA 1.

NEMA 12, top and bottom entrance plates
11 gauge steel
ASA #61 gray paint with lifting eyes