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    (Obsolete) Saftronics VG10 – Dynamic Torque Vector AC Drive
    (Obsolete FINCOR Series 6600)

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    Name Encoder + Analog Output Card

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    Function To perform speed control by interfacing with a pulse generator (encoder) and to provide Two (2) precision analog outputs that can represent 9 types of data (output frequency, output current, etc.)

    Control Speed Control Range 1 : 1200 (3 to 3600 RPM)
    Maximum Speed 3600 RPM (120 Hz)
    Speed Control Accuracy +/- 0.02%
    Speed Control Response 40 Hz
    Applicable Encoder (requirements) No. of output pulses: 100 to 3000/ Rev. NB phase (inc.)
    Maximum Response Freq. 100 KHz
    Pulse Output Method Totem pole / Open collector
    (Min. output current 7mA)
     Input Terminal XA, XB, CM Connect A and B phase of encoder
    XZ, CM Connect Z output signal of encoder
    Output Terminal + 12V, CM Power Supply for encoder (maximum of 300 mA,)
    Analog signal output (2 points) A01 and COM, A02 and COM
    Terminal A01: voltage output 0 to +/-10VDC @ 2 mA max.
    Terminal A02: voltage output 0 to +/- 10VDC @ 2 mA max.
    Terminal COM: voltage output common.
    Note – Analog output resolution: 11 bits (10 bits + sign)

    Connection Diagram

    Saftronics VG10 - Encoder + Analog Output Card

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