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    (Obsolete) Saftronics CV10 Compact Vector AC Drives
    (Obsolete Saftronics PC10 Mini Vector AC Drives)
    (Obsolete FINCOR Series 5750)

    Options & Accessories

    Name Keypad Extensions Cables

    Part Number SWS30xx

    Function Provide means of programming and the monitoring the CV1 0 drive remotely.

    Specifications N/A

    Connection Diagram
    Drive Model Extension Cable Cable Length Feet
    All Models SWS30P5 1.64 (0.5M)
    SWS3001 3.28 (1.0M)
    SWS3002 6.56 ( 2.0M)
    SWS3003 9.84 ( 3.0M)
    SWS3005 16.4 ( 5.0M)

    Saftronics - CV10 - Compact Vector AC Drive Keypad Extension Cable.

    Operation procedure

    Warning: Turn OFF the power supply. The following procedures should be performed after there is no display on the keypad.

    1. Remove the keypad from the drive.

    2. Please refer to diagram before mounting the keypad to your machine or Panel.

    3. Connect the drive and the keypad with the remote cable in accordance with the above diagram. Supply the power to operate ONLY after all elements are securely fixed.

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