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Control Techniques Unidrive SP SM-Universal Encoder Plus Feedback Module.SM-UNIVERSAL ENCODER PLUS

The SM-Universal Encoder Plus module provides the Unidrive SP with an additional feedback port that supports all of the same feedback types as the base drive, plus has a simulated encoder output that can be programmed to operate in the following modes:

  • Quadrature Incremental
  • Pulse and Direction
  • SSI

The module also incorporates freeze inputs for applications requiring position capture.

Control Techniques Unidrive SP SM-Encoder Plus Feedback Module.SM-ENCODER PLUS

The SM-Encoder Plus module provides an additional quadrature incremental encoder
feedback port.

Note: More than one SM-Encoder Plus and/or SM-Universal Encoder Plus module may be installed in a single drive.

Control Techniques Unidrive SP SM-Resolver Feedback Module.SM-RESOLVER

This module enables the Unidrive SP to control the speed and position of motors fitted with resolvers. Because of their ruggedness, resolvers are often used in hot, demanding enviornments.

Input Impedance: >85 Ohms
Transformation Ratio: 3:1 or 2:1
Excitation Frequency: 6kHz
Maximum Motor
Quadrature Format
0-3,300 rpm
14 bit
3,301-13,200 rpm
12 bit
13,201-40,000 rpm
10 bit

This module also incorporates a simulated encoder output that can be sourced either from the resolver or the main drive encoder.

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