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DCS800 Rebuild and Upgrade Kits

The DCS800-R Rebuild or Upgrade Kit from ABB allows you to update the controls on your existing DC drive and continue to utilize the existing power section.

ABB, with the help of our channel partners, can make your existing drive look and act like a new DCS800 drive. Gain the benefits of having the latest motor control technology and high speed serial connectivity without having to replace the power section. This is an engineered solution which can have significant cost advantages over complete drive replacement, especially on large systems.

General Purpose Rebuild Kit
The DC800-R Rebuild Kit is recommended for thyristor-based power sections that are:

  • 500 horsepower (800 Amps) and above
  • Originally manufactured by ABB or another drive company
  • Regenerative (4-quadrant) or non-regenerative (2-quadrant)
  • From 1, up to 4 parallel bridges

In order to determine if your existing drive can be rebuilt, consider the following:

  • Is the power section healthy?
    Replacing the controls usually does not reduce the occurrence of blown fuses or over-current faults. These conditions commonly indicate that there is a malfunction in the power section. Carefully consider the benefits of upgrading compared to replacing with a full drive with a brand new warranty.
  • What data is available on the existing power section?
    An accurate, up-to-date schematic is essential. The schematic needs to include any changes that occurred over the years.
  • Is there space to mount the retrofit components?
    A panel layout diagram, along with visual inspection of the panel is needed.
  • Are there any special features in the existing controller?
    The DCS800 has functions to run most any application but it is important to be sure that the new controller has the functionality of the existing controller, or if other modifications will be required.

DCS500 to DCS800 Upgrade Kit
The DCS800-R Upgrade Kit is specifically designed to upgrade the controls of existing DCS500 drives.

  • For frame sizes A5, A6, A7, C2b, C3, & C4
  • For drives approx. 350 HP and above
  • Replaces existing door, control tray and keypad

How it Works

A modern drive can be subdivided into two major sections, the power section and the controller. The power section transfers a measured amount of voltage and current from the incoming lines to the motor. The computer-based controller controls the power section, along with several other functions. The rebuild/upgrade kit replaces the existing controller with a DCS800 controller.

In addition to controlling the power section, the DCS800-R will also provide user interface (via keypad or DriveWindow Light) and encoder and/or tachometer interface, if present. After the drive is rebuilt, the complete drive system will operate like a DCS800, which may include communicating with your PLC via Ethernet, ControlNet, etc, receiving signals from switches, push-buttons and pots, and sending signals to lamps and meters.

DCS800-R Rebuild Kit

DCS800-R Rebuild Kit

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