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ABB Softstarters
Type SSM
Medium Voltage
2300 – 13,800V

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ABB Soft Starters - Type SSM, Medium Voltage 2300 - 13,800V.

ABB Soft Starters – Type SSM, Medium Voltage 2300 – 13,800V.

General Information

Key construction features

  • Fused disconnect switch with blown fuse indicators and door safety interlocks rated for load break/fault make with automatic grounding arm
  • Inline isolation vacuum contactor0 sized for across-the-line motor starting (optional on “soft start only” models)
  • Bi-metallic thermal overload provides backup motor protection when operating in emergency bypass mode (optional on “soft start only” models)
  • 120V fused control power transformer standard in line start section (optional on “soft start only” models)
  • Digital controller provides solid state overload and numerous protective features for both the motor and the soft starter
  • Programmable keypad with LCD and status LEOs for easy setup and operation
  • Bypass vacuum contactor0 standard on all models to guarantee cool operation in all environments and extend unit life
  • Heavy duty SCR (Silicon Controlled Rectifier) stack assemblies with ring transformer isolated circuit for reliable, hard-firing gate pulse
  • Isolated low voltage compartment provides maximum protection for operating personnel
  • Mechanically interlocked medium voltage compartment

Heavy duty SCR power assemblies

  • Rated for 500 percent overload for 60 seconds
  • Field-proven design in use since 1975
  • Fiber optics gate-firing circuit using “ring transformer” isolation design for superior noise immunity

Industrial “real world” packaging

  • Load break/fault make disconnect switch with door safety interlocking mechanism
  • Isolated, noise-immune low voltage control compartment
  • NEMA 12 enclosure with bypass vacuum contactor included as standard
    13.8 kV saftstarters are rated NEMA 1.
    13.8 kV, 600A saftstarters use circuit breakers for isolation and bypass functions.
  • Extra wiring space for MV cables for easy installation

Custom engineered systems

ABB Type SSM Soft Starters Display

ABB Type SSM Soft Starters Display

  • Available in special enclosures and lineups
  • Numerous control component options including:
    • Reversing contactors
    • Motor protection relays
    • Customer specified devices
  • Horizontal and custom bus interconnects
  • Various motor configurations including synchronous, wound rotor and two speed

Digital microprocessor control

  • Full featured for flexibility, including dual ramp and programmable custom start curves
  • LCD status/alarm display and built in programing keypad
  • Serial communications port standard: RS485 with Modbus RTU protocol or RS232 with Windows interface
  • In-depth motor and system protection monitors
  • Monitors 18 separate parameters and maintains a nonvolatile fault memory

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