SIMOREG 6RA70 Siemens DC Master Variable Speed DC Drive
Design & Mode of Operation – Safety Shutdown (E-STOP)

Design and Mode of Operation6RA70 DC Master

Safety shutdown (E-STOP)

The task of the E-STOP function is to open the relay contacts (terminals 109/110) for energizing the main contactor within about 15 ms, independently of semiconductor components and the functional status of the microprocessor board (basic electronics). If the basic electronics are operating correctly, the closed-loop control outputs an 1= 0 command to de-energize the main contactor. When an E-STOP command is given, the drive coasts to a standstill.

The E-STOP function can be triggered by one of the following methods:

  • Switch operation: E-STOP is activated when the switch between terminals 105 and 106 opens.
  • Pushbutton operation: Opening an NC contact between terminals 106 and 107 triggers the E-STOP function and stores the shutdown operation. Closing an NO contact between terminals 106 and 108 resets the function.

When the E-STOP function is reset, the drive switches to the “Starting lockout” state. This status needs to be acknowledged through activation of the “Shutdown” function, e.g. by opening terminal 37.

Note: The E-STOP function is not an EMERGENCY STOP function according to EN 60 204-1.


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