As of March 26, 2010 Joliet Technologies is no longer representing the Avtron line of products.

We do however represent the Dynapar line of Rotary Feedback Products.

Avtron – Tachs, Tachometers, Encoders, Rotary Pulse Generators

Joliet Technologies is the preferred Avtron Integrator for the Chicagoland area.

Tachs, Tachometers, Encoders, Rotary Pulse Generators 

M3 Specifications


  1. Operating Power
    Volts: 5 – 24 VDC (see chart below).
    Current: 120 mA, no load.
  2. Output Format
    Two Phase (A,B) with Complements: Available with connector options A, B, C, K, L, M, N, P, T, V, W, X, & Z (differential line driver).
    Marker: Available with all connector options, 1/Rev, Gated with B low.
    Single Phase Output at 1/4 of rated PPR.
  3. Signal Type: Incremental, Square Wave, 50 +/- 10% Duty Cycle
  4. Direction Sensing: �A leads �B by 90° for clockwise rotation as viewed from the back of the tach looking at the non-drive end of the motor.
  5. Transition Sep.: 15% minimum
  6. Frequency Range: 0 to 150,000 Hz.
  7. PPR: 240, 256, 360, 480, 500, 512, 600, 1024, 1200, 2048. Other PPR available upon request.
  8. See table below for Line Driver Specifications.


    1. Enclosure:
      Totally sealed, cast aluminum housing.
      Polyurethane enamel paint protects against corrosion caused by salt spray, solvents, and mild acids and bases.
  1. Operating Temperature Range:
    -20° to 85° C (-4° to 185° F).
    Other ranges available upon request.


    1. Shaft Inertia: 0.1 oz. In.�
    1. Acceleration: 5,000 RPM/Sec.
    1. Speed: 5,000 RPM maximum
    1. Weight: Approx. 5 lbs.
  1. Shaft Sizes:
    M3-1 and M3-2: 5/8″ dia. solid shaft.
    Coupling recommended: Thomas Miniature flexible disk or equivalent.
    M3-3 thru M3-7: Hollow shaft mount 5/8″ to 2 3/8″ dia. Others available upon request. Shaft dimension tolerance required +0.000/-0.001.
    Run out: less than 0.004 recommended.

Line Driver Specifications

Line Driver Options
1 2 3
Input Violtage (volts)(Vin) 5 – 24 VDC 5 – 18 VDC 18 – 24 VDC
Output High (volts) Vin minus two volts (typ) Vin minus one volt (typ) 330 ohm pull up
Output High (milliamps) 80 (max) 80 (Avg), 1500 Peak 330 ohm pull up
Output Low (volts) .5 (typ) .5 (typ) 1 (max)
Output Low (milliamps) 80 (max) 80 (Avg), 1500 Peak 50 (Avg)
Protection Reverse Voltage, Transient, Short Circuit (high and low) Reverse Voltage, Transient, Short Circuit (none) Reverse Voltage, Transient, Short Circuit (low)
Maximum Cable Drive (feet) 1000 ft @ 5 volts
500 ft @ 12 volts
200 ft @ 24 volts
2000 ft 1000 ft

Wiring Diagram

Wiring Diagram

Outline Drawings

M3- (1, 2) for NEMA 56C or Foot Mounting
M3-(1,2) Outline Drawings

M3- (3, 4, 5, 6, 7) for Hollow Shaft Mounting
M3-(3,4,5,6,7) Outline Drawings

NOTE: All connector options shown on M3-1 through M3-7 are available on all units.

Specifications and features are subject to change without notice. All Dimensions are in Inches.
For more detailed dimensional information – see Instruction Sheets.

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