Easy to Install, Easy to Operate



The EMX3 puts you in control of motor starting. Depending on your application requirements you can select the best soft start control method.

For applications requiring precise control of motor start current the EMX3 offers a choice of Constant Current or Current Ramp start modes. For superior control over acceleration or deceleration choose XLR-8 Adaptive Acceleration Control.


XLR-8 also provides precise control over soft stopping and is ideal for applications requiring a smoother soft stop. XLR-8 is ideal for low inertia loads such as pumps and conveyors, and can substantially reduce or eliminate the effects of water hammer.

Easier Installation


If space is at a premium in your motor control centre, the EMX3’s compact size will save you space and trouble. Internal bypass contactors, built-in monitoring and indicators, and extensive on-board input and output functionality reduce the need for space and cost of external equipment, as well as simplifying installation.


For high inertia loads, the EMX3 incorporates AuCom’s latest braking algorithm, letting you take precise control over the motor’s stopping time.
Shorter stopping times help improve your production efficiency by reducing downtime between operating cycles.


To meet the unique requirements of your application, the EMX3 offers a range of advanced features. The EMX3 meets the needs of specific applications including:

  • Pumping (e.g. high head applications)
  • Compressors (optimising load control)
  • Bandsaws (easy blade alignment)
  • Irrigators (built-in timer).

Removable Connectors & Unique Wiring Loom


Installation is easy with plug-in control terminal blocks. Simply unplug each block, complete the wiring and re-insert the block.

Using the EMX3’s unique and flexible cable ways, cables can be efficiently organised for wiring from either the top, left or from below.


Need to test the installation before connecting a motor? The EMX3 simulation functions let you test the soft starter’s operation, external control circuits and associated equipment without connecting the soft starter to line voltage or a motor. The EMX3 has three simulation modes:

  • Run simulation: simulates a motor starting, running and stopping to ensure correct installation.
  • Protection simulation: simulates activation of each protection mechanism to confirm correct protection response.
  • Signalling simulation: simulates output signalling.

Faster Commissioning


The EMX3 has been designed for ease of use, and the user-friendly menu is no exception. After a tidy installation, a quick setup guide helps you configure the starter for common applications by suggesting a typical setting, which you can then fine tune to suit your needs, all accessible from the easy to use keypad.

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