PLEASE NOTE: Effective 2019, we no longer supply Control Techniques variable frequency drives and components. We have drives from several other manufacturers which can meet or exceed the performance characteristics of the Control Techniques line. Simply complete the form below, or contact us with the model of your current or obsolete Control Techniques drive and we’ll be glad to identify a suitable replacement.

Also, the Fincor and Saftronics lines of AC variable frequency drives, DC variable speed drives, and reduced voltage starters were once owned by Emerson but have been obsolete for several years. However, we have many years’ experience working with these drives and can quickly identify replacements capable of exceeding the quality and performance of these older drive technologies. For a suitable replacement, fill out the form below or contact us with your drive or application requirements, and we’ll handle it from there!

Commander SK

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Obsolete Drive Replacement RFQ -

If you need a replacement for an existing obsolete drive, complete the following form and we will send you a quote for a suitable replacement.

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Performance Advantage

Open loop vector control with true space vector modulation

  Precise control algorithm provides full torque down to 1 Hz for exceptional performance

Access to multiple parameter levels

  Customises the drive to meet each user’s needs: simple (level 1), flexible (level 2) and advanced (level 3)

SmartStick cloning module

  Provides fast and cost-effective drive-to-drive parameter transfer and storage with no PC required

Terminal connection drawings and Level 1 parameters (10) listed on the drive’s front cover 

  On-the-spot easy reference for drive set-up and maintenance

Static auto-tune

  Allows fast motor / drive optimization without motor shaft rotation

Two sets of motor map parameters saved in the drive’s memory

  Allows sequenced switching between two motors with different operating characteristics

Configurable analog and digital I/O

  Customizes drive to the specific application

S-ramp accel / decel profiling

  Provides smooth speed transitions, minimizing machine “jerk”

Built-in independent PID control

  Eliminates the need for an external PID controller while providing “outer loop” control of a process variable

Real Time Clock option

  For scheduling and timing operations

Wide range of industry standard fieldbuses

  Modbus RTU (Standard), Profibus-DP, INTERBUS, DeviceNet, CANopen, Ethernet

Replace nano and micro PLCs by using LogicStick and IEC61131-3 ladder and function block programming

200 to 240V + 10% 48 to 62Hz
Motor HP * kW Input Phase Continuous Output Current (A) Overload Current ** (A) Frame Size Order Code Price
0.33 0.25 1 1.7 2.6 A SKA1200025
0.5 0.37 1 2.2 3.3 A SKA 1200037
0.75 0.55 1 3.0 4.5 A SKA 1200055
1.0 0.75 1 4.0 6.0 A SKA 1200075
1.5 1.1 1 or 3 5.2 7.8 B SKBD20011O
2.0 1.5 1 or 3 7.0 10.5 B SKBD200150
3.0 2.2 1 or 3 9.6 14.4 C SKCD200220

(Call Joliet Technologies for prices)

380 to 480V + 10% 48 to 62Hz
Motor HP * kW Input Phase Continuous Output Current (A) Overload Current ** (A) Frame Size Order Code Price
0.5 .37 3 1.3 2.0 B SKB3400037
0.75 0.55 3 1.7 2.6 B SKB3400055
1.0 0.75 3 2.1 3.2 B SKB3400075
1.5 1.1 3 2.8 4.2 B SKB3400110
2.0 1.5 3 3.8 5.7 B SKB3400150
3.0 2.2 3 5.1 7.7 C SKC3400220
4.0 3.0 3 7.2 10.8 C SKC3400300
5.0 4.0 3 9.0 13.5 C SKC3400400

(Call Joliet Technologies for prices)

* Motor horsepower based on typical 230 / 460 VAC four-pole motor ratings. Select model based on actual motor current rating. ** Overload: 150% for one minute For higher horsepower see Commander Sf or Un/drive SP

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Commander SK Order String

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