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Control Techniques Unidrive SP AC Drive Regen Solutions .UNIDRIVE SP REGEN MODE

Unidrive SP can be configured to provide full fourquadrant control of the power or drive system. In regen mode, the Unidrive is capable of either supplying power to the DC bus of the ‘Unidrive controlling the motor or removing power from the DC bus of the Unidrive controlling the motor and returning it back to the supply,

  • Unity or controllable Input Power Factor
  • Sinusoidal Input Current (Low Harmonic Content)

The Control Techniques Engineered Systems builds fourquadrant regenerative systems for use in many applications, where clean, sinusoidal power can be put back to AC supply. See page 192 for Engineered Systems.

Whether it is cranes and hoists or sophisticated test rigs requiring pure sinosoidal regenerative output Control Techiques has your regen solution.

Control Techniques Unidrive SP AC Drive Regenerative Solutions .

Information provided by Control Techniques, a world leader in the design, production and marketing of electronic drives for the control of electric motors.

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