SIMOREG 6RA70 Siemens DC Master Variable Speed DC Drive
Design & Mode of Operation
– Parameterization Devices

Design and Mode of Operation6RA70 DC Master

Parameterization devices

PMU simple operator panel

PMU built in operator panel.All units feature a PMU panel mounted in the converter door. The PMU consists of a five-digit, seven-segment display, three LEOs as status indicators and three parameterization keys.

The PMU also features connector X300 with a USS interface in compliance with the RS232 or RS485 standard.

The panel provides all the facilities required during start-up for making adjustments or settings and displaying measured values. The following functions are assigned to the three panel keys:

  • P (select) key
    Switches over between parameter number and parameter value and vice versa, acknowledges fault messages.
  • UP key
    Selects a higher parameter number in parameter mode or raises the set and displayed parameter value in value mode. Also selects a higher index on indexed parameters.
  • DOWN key
    Selects a lower parameter number in parameter mode or reduces the set and displayed parameter value in value mode. Also selects a lower index on indexed parameters.

LED functionsOP1S Extended Operator Panel.

  • Ready: Ready to operate, lights up in “Wait for opera tion enable” state.
  • Run: In operation, lights up when operation is enabled.
  • Fault: Disturbance, lights up in “Active fault” status, flash es when “Alarm” is active.

The quantities output on the five-digit, seven-segment display are easy to understand, e.g.

  • percentage of rated value, – servo gain factor,
  • seconds,
  • amperes or
  • volts.

Through the X300 connector on the PMU communication can be established via the DriveMonitor program for parameterization, monitoring, troubleshooting, and control of the converter by a PC.

OP1S Extended operator panelSIMOREG 6RA70 converter featuring optional OP1S operator panel.

The OP1 S optional extended operator panel can be mounted either in the converter door or externally, e.g. in the cubicle door. For this purpose, it can be connected up by means of a 5 m long cable. Cables of up to 200 m in length can be used if a separate 5 V supply is available. The OP1S is connected to the SIMOREG via connector X300. The OP1S can be installed as an economic alternative to control cubicle measuring instruments which display physical measured quantities.

The OP1S features an LCD with 4 x 16 characters for displaying parameter names in plaintext. German, English, French, Spanish and Italian can be selected as the display languages. The OP1 S can store parameter sets for easy downloading to other devices.

Keys on OP1S:

  • P (Select) key
  • UP key
  • DOWN key
  • Reversing key (not functional on SIMOREG)
  • ON key
  • OFF key
  • Inching key
  • Numeric keys (0 to 9)

LEDs on OP1S:

  • Green: Lights up in “Run”, flashes in “Ready”
  • Red: Lights up with “Fault”, flashes with “Alarm”


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