Electrical Controls for Food Processing and Bakery Machinery

20/10 HP,<br /><br /><br /> Two Speed 220 VAC Starter Panel, w/ 3HP Hydraulic Dump, Nema12 EnclosureAC Drives and DC Drives are considered the high tech part of the electrical controls market and have much of the AC control emphasis. The more straightforward AC controllers that involve contactors, starters, timers, metering and relay logic still can become quite technical. Today’s demands of first hand and visual concepts of knowing what is going on with your machinery electrically can save much downtime. Therefore in many instances, solid state overloads and power monitoring devices are sending information to the electrical maintenance office or as visuals on the door of the cabinet. A customized AC Controller from a industrial controls supplier may mean long lead times and higher option pricing that will leave a buyer irritated. Joliet Technologies can provide all aspects of AC custom controllers from programming of PLC and touch screen controls to simple multiple starter or contactor cabinets. For example, all down stream electrical that needs control and logic such as hydraulic pumps, air pumps, solenoid vales, exhaust fans and blowers can be packaged in a single enclosure. For MCC (Motor Control Center) applications Joliet Technologies can add interconnect wire harnessing, PLC sections and help with engineering/commissioning. Another time saving tool that is useful is that CAD drawings and prints can be tailored with your personal company’s name/logo.

30/15 HP, Two<br /><br /><br /> Speed 460 VAC Starter Panel, w/ 5HP Hydraulic Dump, AllenBradley Panel View 1000 providing Eight<br /><br /><br /> Batch mixing cycles, Nema 4X EnclosureWorking with an OEM named CMC America. They are a manufacture of food processing equipment and bakery machinery. Their equipment can range from the small cookie dough depositors, to the big mixers and mixing systems that can mix hundreds of pounds of dough per hour.

Joliet Tech’s responsibility is to build the control systems that run these big mixers. The control systems can range from a basic system with a couple of across the line starters and a timer, to a multi-speed starter/control system with a PLC. It was a system like this that we completed for CMC last year. The order called for two multi-speed starter panels, controlled by PLC’s along with conveyors and a dough trolley. Pan-Tech Eng., completed all of the software requirements for the PLC, while we wired the control panels. The equipment shipped to CMC, and they set the entire order up in their shop for testing and debugging. The testing and debugging took a couple of days in the shop. The order then shipped to Europe, where the mixers are now making bread for our men and women in the service.

20/10 HP, Two Speed Operator<br /><br /><br /> Station Using Two Eagle Digital Timers for easy change timing cycles for low and high speed running<br /><br /><br /> times. PN: CX202A6 20/10 HP, Two Speed Operator Station Using Two Eagle Digital Timers. PN: CX202A6

Electrical controls are an essential component of food processing and bakery machinery. They play a critical role in ensuring that the machinery operates safely and efficiently, while also providing accurate and consistent control over the various processes involved in food processing and baking.

There are several types of electrical controls commonly used in food processing and bakery machinery. These include:

  1. On/off controls – These are simple controls that turn the machinery on and off.
  2. Timers – These controls allow the operator to set the duration of specific processes, such as mixing or baking, ensuring that the process is carried out for the correct amount of time.
  3. Temperature controllers – These controls monitor and regulate the temperature of the machinery, ensuring that the correct temperature is maintained throughout the process.
  4. Speed controllers – These controls regulate the speed of the machinery, allowing the operator to adjust the speed of the process to achieve the desired results.
  5. Programmable logic controllers (PLCs) – These are advanced electrical controls that provide precise control over the various processes involved in food processing and baking. They are programmable, allowing the operator to customize the process to meet specific requirements.

When selecting electrical controls for food processing and bakery machinery, it is essential to consider factors such as the type of food being processed, the volume of production, and the specific requirements of the process. It is also important to ensure that the controls meet all relevant safety standards and regulations.

In summary, electrical controls are a critical component of food processing and bakery machinery. They provide accurate and consistent control over the various processes involved in food processing and baking, ensuring that the machinery operates safely and efficiently while producing high-quality products.

Joliet Technologies custom packages, integrates and engineers AC Variable Frequency Drives (VFD’s) and DC Variable Speed Drives (VSD’s) using top of the line manufacturers, like ABB, Emerson (Control Techniques & Saftronics / Fincor), Siemens and WEG to name a few. Our custom drive packages are built to your specifications for your application.

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Chunker Panel, Ac Inverter speed control,<br /><br /><br /> 1 HP conveyor. 2 HP Chunker, Nema 4X cabinet









75/37.5 HP two Speed 460 VAC Srarter Panel,<br /><br /><br /> w/ 5 HP Hydraulic Dump, AllenBradley SLC 500 PLC, Nema 4X Cabiniet. One of Two AC Control Cabinets.

 Dual Mixers with Conveyor and Dough Trolley.

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