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    (Obsolete) Saftronics VG10 – Dynamic Torque Vector AC Drive
    (Obsolete FINCOR Series 6600)

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    Name Air Pressure Sensor + V/I Converter Output Card 

    Part Number 100-0163-01

    Function To provide a 4-20 mA output signal when 3-15 PSI is applied to an on board transducer. This signal is then fed back into the inverter for control or monitoring in HVAC applications. The card also. provides (2) separate voltage to current converters, designed to provide 4-20 mA output signals when used with the GP10 and VG10 FMA and FMP output signals (0-10 VDC).

    Input: 3-15 PSI (22 PSI max.) air supply
    FMAI: 0-10 VDC signal from GP10 and VG10
    FMPI: 0-10 VDC signal from GP10 or VG10
    Output: FMAO: 4-20 mA into a max load of 500 ohm
    FMPO: 4-20 mA into a max. load of 500 ohm
    C1-11: 4-20 mA output from back to inverter.

    Connection Diagram

    Connection Diagram Air Pressure Sensor + V/I Converter Output Card

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