ABB DCS800 DC Variable Speed Drives

Low voltage DC drives

ABB DC Drives
DCS800, 10 to 4000 hp


Communication Options
Fieldbus Control

DCS800 DC Drives have connectivity to major automation systems. This is achieved with a dedicated gateway concept between the fieldbus systems and ABB drives.

The fieldbus gateway module can easily be mounted inside the drive. As a result of the wide range of fieldbus gateways, your choice of automation system is independent from your decision to use first-class ABB drives.

Manufacturing flexibility

Drive control
The drive control word (16 bit) provides a wide variety of functions from start, stop and reset to ramp generator control.
Typical setpoint values like speed, torque and position can be transmitted to the drive with 15 bit accuracy.

Drive monitoring
A set of drive parameters and/or actual signals, like torque, speed, position, current etc., can be selected for cyclic data transfer providing fast data for operators and the manufacturing process.

Drive diagnostics
Accurate and reliable diagnostic information can be obtained via the drive alarm, limit and fault words, reducing the drive down time and, therefore, the downtime of the manufacturing process.

Drive parameter handling
Total integration of the drives in the production process is achieved by single parameter read/write up to complete parameter set-up or download.

Easy to expand
Serial communication simplifies the latest trend of modular machine design enabling the installation to be expanded at a later stage with low effort.

 Reduced installation and engineering effort

Substituting the large amount of conventional drive control cabling with a single twisted pair reduces costs and increases system reliability.

The use of fieldbus control reduces engineering time at installation because of the modular structure of the hardware and software.

Commissioning and assembly
The modular machine configuration allows pre-commissioning of single machine sections and provides easy and fast assembly of the complete installation.

Currently available protocols

Fieldbus Plus Code Kit
Profibus-DP +K454 RPBA-01
DeviceNet +K451 RDNA-01
CANopen +K457 RCAN-01
ControlNet +K462 RCNA-01
Modbus RTU +K458 RMBA-01
Ethernet/IP, Modbus TCP +K466 RETA-01
EtherCAT +K469 RECA-01 (beta)
ProfiNet +K467 RETA-02 (beta)


ABB DCS800 Communication Options | Fieldbus Control


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ABB DCS800 DC Variable Speed Drives
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