General Electric NEMA/IEC DC Motors

Permanent Magnet Washdown AC Motors

Permanent Magnet Washdown AC Motors

Permanent Magnet Washdown

GE’s line of washdown permanent magnet motors combines the rugged construction features, which customers expect from GE standard PM motors with additional accessories to produce motors optimized for applications with high humidity or periodic exposure to water. The enclosures of these motors are designed to offer moisture and corrosion protection in excess of totally enclosed motors, making them suitable for high-pressure washdown.

Voltage: 90 and 180V (for use with Type K power supply)
Ratings: 1/4 to 1 HP with 1.0 service factor
Ambient Temp: 40°C
Insulation: Class F

Features and Benefits

  • Continuous rated torque to 5% of base speed
  • UL and CSA recognized
  • Exterior finish of USDA-approved white powder paint
  • Stainless steel shaft, hardware, brush access cover and mylar nameplate that resist rust and corrosion
  • V-ring shaft seal and contact lip seal that protect bearings and motor interior
  • Double-sealed ball bearings provide additional protection from contamination
  • Gaskets under motor hardware and the brush access cover retard moisture
  • Corrosion-resistant treatment applied to the stator assembly and endshields provides a final measure of environmental protection
  • Drain holes with plugs in the frame, conduit box and endshield permit drainage of condensation from any mounting position
  • Four-position conduit box, C-face endshield and bolt-on base provide flexibility for vertical or horizontal mounting


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