Magnetek – Medium Voltage Soft Starters
HRVS-DN Application Specific Software and Applications

Joliet Technologies is now offering the Magnetek Line of Soft Starters.

Magnetek HRVS-DN Medium Voltage Soft Starters 

Application Specific Software

Starting from Diesel Generator
Wide 45-65 Hz auto-tracking frequency to overcome voltage and frequency instability. Designed especially for marine and off-shore industries, or any system operating from a generator.

Synchronous Motor Starting
Optional module allows you to utilize your existing synchronous motor.

Application Specific Software - Starting from Diesel Generator�- Synchronous Motor Starting�

Pump and Special Load Control
Magnetek Soft Starters eliminate two major problems:

  1. Water Hammer During Stopping
    The Pump Control feature enables selection between three voltage ramp-down curves or a torque curve, preventing a stall condition which eliminates Water Hammer.
  2. Over-Pressure During Starting
    The Pump Control also enables selection between three voltage ramp-up curves, as well as a torque curve, to reduce peak torque.Current ramp is available for special loads.


Applications - Industrial�


  • Pumps and multi-pump sequencing
  • Compressors and chillers
  • Fans, blowers and  centrifuges
  • Conveyors, elevators and monorail systems
  • Starting from weak power supply (diesel generators; long supply lines)
Marine & Offshore 

  • Water and ballast pumps Refrigeration chillers and compressors
  • Hydraulic pumps and  power packs
  • Thrusters Main propulsion motors
  • Unique protection for corrosive environments
  • Generator ready-auto frequency tracking.
  • The HRVS-DN is Lloyds, DNV, and ABS tested.
Applications - Marine & Offshore

Magnetek-Uncommon Power - Industrial Controls Group

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