PLEASE NOTE: Effective 2019, we no longer supply Control Techniques variable frequency drives and components. We have drives from several other manufacturers which can meet or exceed the performance characteristics of the Control Techniques line. Simply complete the form below, or contact us with the model of your current or obsolete Control Techniques drive and we’ll be glad to identify a suitable replacement.

Also, the Fincor and Saftronics lines of AC variable frequency drives, DC variable speed drives, and reduced voltage starters were once owned by Emerson but have been obsolete for several years. However, we have many years’ experience working with these drives and can quickly identify replacements capable of exceeding the quality and performance of these older drive technologies. For a suitable replacement, fill out the form below or contact us with your drive or application requirements, and we’ll handle it from there!

Unidrive SP

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Unidrive SP


Control Techniques Unidrive SP AC Drive Opions.OVERVIEW

The Unidrive SP provides application and system designers with an incredibly flexible drive platform, which is easily modified by an extensive range of sophisticated SM option modules that can be used alone or in combination for economical and space saving solutions. SM option modules install easily into any of the three option slots on the SP, with no tools required. The I/O, feedback, memory, communication and application modules enable the Unidrive SP to provide an optimized solution regardless of the demands of the application. A complete range of other accessories are available to simplify system integration and meet system design criteria.


Option  Description  Order Code
Base Drive Configuration and Programming Cloning and Parameter Storage Card Smart Card (1)
Configuration Software CTSoft (1)
Communications Cable CT Comms Cable
Operator Interfaces No Keypad Option No Order Code – Standard
LED Keypad SM-Keypad (2)
Backlit LCD Keypad Plus SM-Keypad Plus (2)
Programmable HMI Panels See Options and Accessories
Power Accessories Zero-Space Brake Resistor Based on Drive (read ahead)
E-Stop Duty Braking Resistor See Options and Accessories
Cyclic Duty Brake Resistor See Options and Accessories
Zero Space EMC Filter No Order Code – Standard
External EMC Filter See Options and Accessories
Feedback Solutions Modules Add-On Universal Encoder Feedback SM-Universal Encoder Plus
Add-On Quadrature Only Encodeer Feedback SM-Encoder Plus
Resolver Feedback SM-Resolver
Screw Terminal Connector SM-ETC
I/O Solutions Module Extended Analog and Digital I/O SM-I/O Plus
Extra Analog and Digital I/O SM-I/O Lite
Extra I/O with RealTime Clock/Calendar SM-I/O Timer
120/240 Volt AC I/O SM-I/O 120V
Doubled Insulated Extended I/O SM-PELV
Remote Network I/O See Options and Accessories
Communicatins Solutions Modules Modbus RTU (standard on drive) SM-Applications (3)
DeviceNet SM-DeviceNet
Ethernet (Module TCP/IP) SM-Ethernet
CANopen SM-CANopen
CAN Interface SM-CAN
CTNet SM-Applications
Pre-Programmed Solutions Modules Dual Module Winder Controller SM-Winder
Flying Shear Controller SM-FSC
Fan and Pump Duty Assist Controller SM-DAC
Application Solutions Module Systems Programming (Distributed Control) SM-Applications
Systems Programming (Centralized Control) SM-Applications Lite
Dedicated Motion Control SM-EZMotion (4)
Applications Module Programming Software Ladder and Function Blocks SyPTLite (5)
IEC 61131-3 (Ladder, FB, and Text Based) SyPTPro
Motion Made Easy Programming PowerTools Pro
Miscellaneous Conduit Entry Plates See Options and Accessories
IP54 or IP55 Cooling Fans Based on Drive (read ahead)
  1. Can be ordered separately, but comes standard with Unidrive SP
  2. These options can be ordered separately, but are normally part of the Unidrive SP Order Code
  3. Provides an additional Modbus RTU port (in addition to one on drive)
  4. Only one of these modules can be used in a Unidrive SP at a time
  5. Available via free website download only

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