General Electric NEMA/IEC AC Motors

Energy $aver® - TEFC Severe Duty AC Motors

Energy $aver® – TEFC Severe Duty AC Motors

Energy $aver® – TEFC Severe Duty

GE has been manufacturing premium efficient motors since the late 1970s. The latest Energy $aver design meets EISAct (Energy Independence & Security Act 2007) efficiency levels (which are based on NEMA Premium® MG1 table 12-12). Other standards and certifications include CSA-Motors and C-390, UL Component & Insulation System Recognition and CE mark for 320 frame and below.

Industries: Oil & Gas, Power & Energy, Water & Wastewater, Cement, Pulp & Paper, Metals, Mining, Chemical.

Features and Benefits

  • GEGARD2000 Insulation System

    The GEGARD1800 insulation system exceeds NEMA MG1-31 standards for motors operating on inverter power at 460 or 575 volts. Other inverter capabilities include a 10:1 variable torque speed range along with a 4:1 constant torque.

  • Energy Savings

    The Energy $aver TEFC meets US Government EISAct efficiency levels and also meets NEMA Premium efficiency levels (NEMA MG1 table 12-12). This motor design has been tested per IEEE 112 Method B to ensure those efficiencies are met. Because of this, energy savings vs. a Pre-EPAct or EPAct motor are significant. For instance, a 100 HP PreEPAct 4 Pole TEFC motor operating 8760 hrs/yr at a rate of $0.06/kWH replaced with a similar Energy $aver TEFC-SD will save you over $1800 every year in energy costs!

  • Severe Duty

The Energy $aver frame, endshields, fan cover and conduit box are a rugged cast iron construction. It includes a recessed steel reinforced neoprene sling to minimize contaminants from entering the bearing cavity. Additional HP is available at 1.15-service factor for severe applications. A non-hygroscopic, anti-fungus Class F insulation is included, with an 80° C (NEMA B) temperature rise. A 0.08 IPS vibration meets the IEEE 841 Standard and Y-Start/Delta Runs are designed for 210-320 motor frames.

  • 60/50 Hz Operation

– 320 Frames and below – 200/400 V @ 50 Hz
– 286 Frames and below – 200 V @ 60 Hz

  • Safety is an Important Feature

    The entire X$D Ultra product range incorporates a 4 point cast-in-lifting lug system. These lugs are an integral part of the frame of the X$D Ultra motor allowing for safer lifting during installation and maintenance. This is a convenient and safe feature when mounting the motor in vertical or horizontal positions.


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