Material Handling Modernization Project – DC Variable Speed Drive System with PLC built by Joliet Technologies

DC Drive Cabinet. 1 of 4 Drives supplied.In 2008 a major material handling and shipping company approached Joliet Technologies LLC for recommendations to upgrade their conveyor system. The last major upgrade they had was in 1954, when they installed a state of the art (for that time) analog DC drive and hard wired control system to operate their multifunctional product distribution system.

Their control system consisted of a MG (Motor Generator) set that powered four motor armatures. There was also a smaller MG set that was dedicated to powering the fields of the same motors. This was all backed up by a redundant system that could be switched over to, in the case of failure of the first drive system. These units, along with a 25’ by 8’ plus control board and auxiliary equipment were contained in a 50’ by 50’ block building. Over the course of years, the system had performed as expected, but was now showing its age. Parts were failing and replacements were getting difficult to find and very costly to replace. Experienced maintenance personnel were retiring…

It was decided to replace the existing equipment with a new digital DC Drive system. The first step was to order the long lead items, one of which was an isolation transformer. The next new item would be switchgear that would distribute the 480 volt, 60Hz to the new drive bays. This would provide power to 4 (four) individual drives that operate the main conveyors. The drives were sized, ordered and built to the required specifications that enabled the existing motors to operate efficiently.

PLC Cabinet Door showing Touch Screen.It was also recommended that a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) be incorporated in the new system. This would eliminate a fixed, hardwired operating system. The old system made changing operating sequences and procedures, time consuming and expensive to modify. The company needed to be able to react to market changes and needs, in order to effectively sell and supply their product.

A new Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) was installed with a Touch Screen Interface with the new control package. All old hardwired safety features were reinstalled with the new drives. The new software was written to enable the client to monitor and operate the plant in new ways that were not possible before. This new system also now allows management to track production with measurable and definable goals and objectives, with the reports to support the final results.

PLC Cabinet (Inside) with Touch Screen Mounted on Door.The client now has a state of the art drive system that is easy to troubleshoot and maintain.
Replacement parts are readily available in the market, if they are needed.

The overall result is a system that will provide the company with energy savings, reduced down time costs, and the management tools to measure results versus goals.

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