PLEASE NOTE: Effective 2019, we no longer supply Control Techniques variable frequency drives and components. We have drives from several other manufacturers which can meet or exceed the performance characteristics of the Control Techniques line. Simply complete the form below, or contact us with the model of your current or obsolete Control Techniques drive and we’ll be glad to identify a suitable replacement.

Also, the Fincor and Saftronics lines of AC variable frequency drives, DC variable speed drives, and reduced voltage starters were once owned by Emerson but have been obsolete for several years. However, we have many years’ experience working with these drives and can quickly identify replacements capable of exceeding the quality and performance of these older drive technologies. For a suitable replacement, fill out the form below or contact us with your drive or application requirements, and we’ll handle it from there!

Commander SX

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NEMA 4X Washdown Drive

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Control Techniques Commander SX Terminal Diagram.

Control Techniques Commander SX Terminal Diagram for NEMA 4X Washdown AC Drive.


The Secure Input function provides a means for preventing the drive from generating torque in the motor, with a very high level of integrity. It is suitable for incorporation into a safety system for a machine. It is also suitable for use as a conventional drive enable input. The Secure Input function is fail-safe, so when the input is disconnected the drive will not operate the motor, even if a combination of components within the drive has failed. Most component failures are revealed by the drive failing to operate. Secure Input is also independent of the drive firmware. This meets the requirements of EN954-1 category 3 for the prevention of operation of the motor when the PX-Secure option module is used. Secure Input can be used to eliminate the need for electro-mechanical contactors, including special safety contactors, which would otherwise be required for safety applications.


EN954-1 – Category 2 or 3

Control Techniques Commander SX AC Drive Connections in Accordance with Safty Standard..

Control Techniques Commander SX Terminal Diagram for NEMA 4X Washdown AC Drive Conduit Connections.

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