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    (Obsolete) Saftronics GP10 – General Purpose Open Loop Vector AC Drive
    (Obsolete FINCOR Series 5700)

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    Name SR10 Radio Modem Kit

    Part Number
    Part No.
    Kit Includes
    Part No.
    SR10 Radio
    Part No.
    Part No.
    Power Supply
    Part No.
    GP10 046-9028 046-3034 (2) 012-7001 (2) 012-1511 (2) 012-1510
    VG10 046-9029 046-3035 (2) 012-7001 (2) 012-1511 (2) 012-1510

    Function To provide an economical means of implementing wireless communication allowing monitoring and control of Saftronics drives where direct wiring is impractical.

    Features The SR10 Radio Modem provides wireless communications to the GP1O/VG10 Saftronics’ drive series. Through the use of networking up 247 drives, (with repeater), may be accessed hrough one radio link. Also, in conjunction with the Radio Modems, the use of the Saftronics’ SF10 Ethernet Module Kit (Doc. No. 027-2151) will allow communications over the Internet/Intranet. So there are many possible combinations available to satisfy a particular application.

    Specifications Spread-spectrum, frequency hopping, communicating at 900 MHz, 1W

    Connection Diagram

    Connection Diagram SR10 Radio Modem Kit

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